God of War 4!




I’m stoked, I’ve beaten every single one (minus that last one), some of them 3-4 times. I love them all ( minus that last one, although slightly unfair cause I didn’t play it).
This has gotten me amped for PS4’s lineup with a few other select choices.
Looking forward to seeing where this goes and how it turns out.


Damn, as an Xbox player, I’m super jealous


GOW games are awesome :smiley: I still need to get round to playing GOW III but am looking forward to that. This looks an intriguing direction they’re taking the series.
I look forward to getting a PS4 when they’re nice and cheap.


This one has potential to be good. I did some research an it actually looks like itll be as good as the first one
But in my opinion, these games sucked expect for the very first one.
The storyline, the adversaries, the unlockables and collectables…just ew…
If i want to see an overpowered character were nothing is a challenge and just slay immortal all powerful beings with ease…i might as well just save myself the money an go watch bleach…


I’m excited I can’t wait to see more!


Would be excited if I had a PS4. I love Norse mythology and used to be obsessed with it, knowing that it takes place in that mythology makes me want it so bad.


Does this belong in my thread? @TheMountainThatRoars


Sooooo he’ll be murdering odin and loki this time :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve actually come out of lurker mode just to comment on this thread.
I’m considering buying a PS4 just to get this game. I’ve been waiting for
another god of war game ever since I beat the complete series a few years back.
Hoping it turns out to be as good as it looks.


It’s fine for now, most of these topics will die down once e3 is over.


This game looks so siiiiiicckk. I have a feeling something will happen to his son; I’m guessing Odin kidnaps him.
And in the trailer, when his son accidentally shoots him with the arrow, it seems foreboding. Like he will accidentally kill his son at some point.


This game brings up so many hours of gaming memories, I am just so SUPER HYPED for this one plus the visuals look stunning, it looks sooooo sweeet !!! I am only not so sure who else is there left there to kill in Olympus X-D … The style and all looks a bit Nordic maybe there is going to be some heavy havoc-rain for Odin and his kin? X-D


Probably wont be released for another 1-2 years though!


According to Playstation Lifestyle the release date of PS4.5, which is reportedly twice as powerful as the PS4

  • GPU-wise, will be the marker for Sony’s release of “God of War 4.”

So let’s hope sooner than that :wink:


So pissed… Bought me, and my girlfriend both PS4s. Now there’s gona be a better version, that will probably get more attention. Way lame.


I would hope they’ll make sure games work with all ps4 systems.


I’m just worried they will get the new version more love. Games that, “run more smoothly” on the PS4.5, and stuff like that. :confused:
I could be wrong but I anticipate stuff like that might happen.


Well, with better processors games will naturally run better but they should still run well on the initial version of the console.


I believe that’s one of the points outlined by sony. PS4 nero can benefit from higher frame rates and resolutions but games must work on both.