God of War 4 Artworks ( Spoilers )


I love the new God of War so much it is already my fav. Game of 2018 and the Game of the Year for me ( whit Detroit Become Human ) and im a big God of War Fan-Girl i love this Series :slight_smile: Also the Final Boss Fight is the best and most epic Fight i hv ever seen in a VideoGame ( cant believe it is already 2 Month ago since i hv beat the Game ) and the Graphic is amazing O.O Cant wait for God of War 5 in 2 - 3 Years

So because of my love to the Game i try to draw every Main Character from the Game

They are :


Bonus :

  • The Giant Bird in Helheim ( Name still unknown )
  • Leviathan Axt
  • Chaos Blades
  • 1 of the Troll Bosses

It will take alot time ( and papers ) to draw all of this Characters but i will try it :stuck_out_tongue:

First im start whit the Main Character of the GoW series Kratos

What do u think so far ? :slight_smile:


Such a good game and so much lore and new sights. It’s gotta be the GOTY

I will definitely be following this thread. Also, do you plan on drawing the Leviathan Axe?


maybe when i find a good pic i will put it on my List :slight_smile:
and yeah for me God of War and Detroit Become Human really deserve to get GotY both are extreme amazing Games Sony really makes the best Story Games ^^


Click Noice.


There’s a reason I perfer PS over Xbox

Better games, better quality and more memories


God of War I can see, the gameplay may not have been the best ever, but it was still a very good package overall, but Detriot: Become Human came off as a bit heavy-handed for my tastes. I dunno, maybe it was due to the fact that the themes of what it is to be human were covered far better in the NieR games that I didn’t find Detroit: Become Human to be all that great.


Kratos Finished :slight_smile:

i didnt had so much time because it is very hot in Germany right now damn i hate Summer sometimes

My next Artwork will be my fav. Character in the whole Game ^^

Big Spoiler

Thamur the dead frost Giant


This game looks very impressive. I like how it seems very grand.



Still working on my GoW Artworks but it take alot time and its pretty hard because of the many details i also take a break sometimes and draw something else :slight_smile:

its already 1 of my hardest Artwork i hv ever done


Finally finished damn this really was 1 of my hardest Artworkever O.O

( im going to draw more pics of him anytime soon because i love this dead Giant :stuck_out_tongue: )

My next Artwork will be a bit special its going to be a Old & New Pic of Kratos :slight_smile: left is the GoW3 Kratos Right is the new Kratos

Also if u guys didnt know but GoW3 Remasterd is free for PS+ this Month O.O


If you didn’t say it, I would’ve. I’ve actually already beaten it :sweat_smile: it was really fun


i had the Game already on PS3 but it so awesome that i finall can play the Game again I love the Hercules and Cronos Bossfight :slight_smile:


Favorite weapon was hands down the Nemesis Whip