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So, since there’s not much time till the Tier 5 release, I decided to share my speculations with you guys!
This may, of course be complete Trapjaw Feces, but i’m gonna try and accurately predict all of the upcoming Tier 5. Here goes:


Theme: Makeshift Electric Samurai
So, the reason behind this idea is that he has some sort of hat on his head, which if you look closely, resembles one of those Japanese straw hats that were worn to protect farmers from the sun. Also, he seems to have wires going down his arms, so maybe he somehow uses electricity to track/damage the monster? Probably male judging by stance.

Primary: Dual Pistols
These would have a high rate of fire, low damage and avarage to long reload time. (Maybe adding small weakpoints?)

CC: Bola
The Trapper will aim this at the Monster and if it hits, the Monster will be snared in a Bola for maybe 5-10 seconds or so, where it could not attack, but it would be able to mash the Melee button to break free. Might need some long reload time and short range for balancing.

Tracking: Spotter
Now the credits for this idea go to the community, who came up with the whole spotter thing! Now even if the 5th Trapper won’t have a pet Spotter, I really hope that a future one will, as I love this idea! So the way this would work is, the trapper would send him out and Squeaky (Let’s have that be his handle for now) would point into the monster’s direction, then burrow towards him and let out a cry, alering the Hunters to his position. The monster should have some time to attack him to prevent him from shrieking, and this would set Squeaky on an increased cooldown- sort of a dropship timer for Squeaky, which could be maybe a minute or so.

Passive Effect: Smell Resistance
He would have to be closer for the monster to be able to smell him, allowing him to sneak up on the monster more easily.


Theme: Aerial Spec. Ops.
I’m saying this because of his head. So it reminds me of the head of one of the transformers that could turn into planes, and I hink this may have been a former aerial special forces fighter/sol guard or something. Seems like a male or a robot to me.

Primary: Laser
So he would be able to shoot this laser continuously doing damage over time, the drawback being: there’s a laser pointing directly from the target to him.

Healing: Healing Capsules
So he’d be able to shoot these like Abe’s darts and they’d create a Hyde-like cloud of smoke that would heal everybody who stands inside it over time.

Secondary: Healing Bomb
This would be a supportive healing ability in which the medic would call in a single airstrike that would give large AOE healing to anyone inside its impact radius.

Passive Effect: Jetpack Fuel
To go with the whole aerial theme, I reckon he should have increased jetpack fuel/dodge distance. Would help him stay away from the monster.


Theme: Scavenger
The hood on their head and wrenches in their pockets make me think of a scavenger. Like someone who was trying to survive on Borderland’s Pandora. As both games are connected to 2k, it wouldn’t surprise me to see a similar theme here. Because of the body shape I think they are a female.

Primary: Hardlight Wrench
This would be a makeshift weapon that could deal low to medium melee damage, but its main purpose would be to repair structures that she would be able to build, TF2 Engie style.

Secondary: Drain Beam
This device would drain the monster’s stamina and stamina regen whilst fired onto it, making escape more difficult.

Special: Turret
So this would be like one of Buckets sentry guns, except she could only place one and it would have more health, deal more damage, and would show anything in its LOS of maybe 30m. It would have a decent cooldown, encouraging her to repair it instead of simply making a new one.

Passive Effect: Sneaking
Wildlife would ignore her until attacked.


Theme: Parasite/Insectoid
Now this is the obvious choice, and for anyone asking… it’s a Spant. Fact. Also doesn’t the head sort of remind you of Mother Brain from Metroid??

Ability 1: Spit
The monster would spit forwards a burst of acid, like a Spitter Xenomorph. It would maybe poison anyone hit.

Ability 2: Tremor
The monster would jump to a location and slam its many legs down rapidly, creating AOE shockwaves that travel across the floor, walls and ceilings in all directions.

Ability 3: Webbing
The monster would shoot a web at a target, entangling them in a cocoon like web. The target would be able to be shot free and cannot move or attack whilst webbed. Hunters would have a bar above their health that would slowly empty over time, and when empty, would release them again. Wouldn’t work against large wildlife. Only three creatures and one hunter could be webbed at a time.

Ability 4: Spiderlings
Smaller monsters would erupt out of the monster’s abdomen, attacking creatures on sight. They would focus hunters. Alternatively, the monster could lay them in wildlife, and they would burst out when the hunters come near them, killing the wildlife. Wildlife size and points spent into the ability could decide how many spiderlings.

Traversal: Grappling
The monster would shoot a web and grapple towards it like Link’s Hookshot. The monster would stay on the surface it grappled onto, if walkable

Passive Effect: Spiderwalking
The monster would be able to walk on walls and ceilings alike. This could be restricted to when the climb button is held, as this monster would not need to climb like other monsters. Speed when on walls and ceilings would be reduced. The monster could pounce any target beneath it.

Feel free to leave constructive criticism!! :smile:

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