Gobi Vs. Abe


So far they both share common talents.

  1. Both can track the monster (no shit)
  2. Both can show where the monster is accurately.
  3. Can be used over and over with perfect results (if you find the monster is a factor though)

But the Question is which is better?

So far I have two formulas for both tracking methods.


Luck + Constant Gobi spam at monster + in range = Clear monster outline for a few seconds


Luck + Line of sight + constant refresh of darts = Rough triangle where the monster is for 45 seconds

Please put “Vote Gobi / Abe” in the end ( at vote 21 :smile: ) me or someone else please count the votes as well.


Gobi doesn’t want to turn in Slim, i vote Gobi.


i like having rough area known constantly for 45 seconds over exact location for few seconds. vote for abe


An outline is always better than a triangle, but it really relies on you knowing roughtly where the monster is to begin with. Not that Abe is any better in that department but clearly Abe knows how to keep on a monster once found, Crow won’t be so successful at that. However for the many times where you know that a monster is somewhere but sneaking, Crow will be better.

The way I use Gobi is as a second or third search party. If me and support are going one way, and assault medic another, usually there’s a third route, now Gobi can cover that and let us know if we’ve split in the wrong direction.


Gobi sees all, obviously he’s the winner.


Lol but really, Gobi is phenomenal, I honestly think I might take a break from monster and just go full Crow, hes awesome


Gobi for sure, the echolocation thing detecting monsters through walls is amazing.


Would you like me to make an official poll and merge it with this? That way we’ll have a real voting system.


Gobi all the way son.


If you want to. ^.^

I’ll vote Gobi.


I was askin @Sky_Kid if he wanted me to do that- it’d be far easier for all concerned. His cal entirely, not mine. :smile:


He’ll be back sometime later. ^.-
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Hmm… Gobi’s outline works really great with Cabbot’s Railgun. Had a match with two of them in a team, worked pretty well. It’s only for a short time but it’s easy to spam Gobi and keep up with monster the whole time.

Now, this might be just a biased opinion, but I feel like I find the monster much faster with Crow than with Abe. Yes, both of them require certain amount of luck, but Gobi can cover such a huge area in short amount of time. Finding stage 1 monster was not a problem, while with Abe… it’s usually free stage 2 for monster. Of course, Abe shines in lategame, with darted wildlife and constant tracking, monster is in trouble.

Stasis Gun versus Stasis Grenades… I like the gun more. Sure, granades are area effect and stasis bullets are painfully slow, but once you shot him he is slowed for a duration of time, he can’t just move a little and be free.

Kinetic Rifle vs Shotgun… one can’t deny the amazing ability that is charged kinetic shot. While it doesn’t do much damage it can certainly add up if you keep making hits. It’s highly situational and I don’t think it enabled me to win a losing game, but it did help me win the game faster. It’s also very precise, doesn’t have that spread when shoting rapidly like Abe’s shotgun and I have a feeling as if bullets are only slightly slower than shotgun pellets. Shotgun is probably doing more damage though.

I prefer Crow, but that’s just a personal preference based on playstyle and not actuall numbers as to which one is stronger. As for which one is a better trapper overall… not sure, they both look pretty balanced towards each other and towards other trappers as well.


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But Gobi is a much better tracking dart considering he is paired with Cabot’s Railcannon.


gobi. spam with him is kinda crazy unless the monster pulls some major jukes. of course, until you find him at first, its all luck, but once you do, you stick to him like glue (hey… that rhymed! im so proud of myself! :smile:) not saying its OP at all since things can be done to counter this, but shaking crow should be an easy to learn, hard to master thing, like many other things in this game.


Gobi. B>cooldownpls.