Gobi sees all


OK, first off, I’m not here to be one of those guys that cries “OP!! OP!!” every time a new character comes out. I understand there’s a period of time that’s needed to find new strategies to fight against and find uses for the new characters and monsters.that being said, I’m level 38 and play this game on a regular basis. Gobi is my new mortal enemy. I cannot get away from that effing bird. I’ve tried all sorts of juking strategies, doubling back, etc, and I consider myself to be a good monster player. No matter what I do, once Gobi finds, there’s no getting away from him. His range, distance, and ability to see through walls leaves me at a loss and not even wanting to try. Anybody else feel the same way? Or am I in reality just terrible at this game?

I observe the same thing when I’m on the hunter team too. Makes me feel dirty/cheap.

Also, for pity points, while I was typing this a game was starting up. My hunter dropped through the map from the drop ship and died. Upon respawning the drop ship dropped me directly on top of a mega mouth for another death. Lol. FML. You gotta just laugh at that stuff sometimes.


Depends on the trappers skill. If you can’t stealth, don’t try. Waste your time. Eat, and evolve.


Never run in a straight line away from Gobi, it makes us Crows giggle when monsters do it because straight is the only thing Gobi can see.
Make turns, not like “oh im gonna lazily shift to the left” i mean, break los, wait for the outline to dissipate, then bang a hard right/left, Gobi wont be able to see you cuz he has super tunnel vision, plus he cannot fly through cliffs, giving you a decent chunk of time to make a wide berth around the hunters and continue on being a sneaky little bugger.
Or just dont sneak.
I never sneak against anyone and it works for me lol


What are you talking about? Those were some hardcore evasive maneuvers. Those imperial guys had no idea how to keep up with such evasive skill.


i think there should be shorter cool down for sunny’s jetpack booster shorted cool down for slim’s drone and gobi i thought he was fine like he is. i love being the monster epically when new monsters come out along with torvald he is fine too. HONESTLY