Gobi sees all!

Gobi clearly sees all, the past the present and even the future.

Is gobi wearing goggles?

Yes. He does so, so that Crow can see what he sees.

How else did you think he used him?

Id pay 25$ for this hunter tbh

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I never saw his description lol just Torvalds.

That just looks absolutely perfect!

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In-game screenshot of Gobi in action


Wait so, since Gobi sees all, and Crow can see what Gobi see, does that mean?

Someone please draw a Gobi version of that picture. Please.


Move over Daisy there is a new king of the jungle.

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10 char.


I started then realised all it needed was the context.


I noticed he has a Batray on his arm and one wrapped on his head. Well… it looks A LOT like batray on his head.

Hello there Gobi!! May I introduce u to this amazing thing called…TONGUE GRAB MUHWHAHAHHAA OM NOM NOM

Sincerely yours,

Does gobi really sees all? Because I hope he doesn’t…

If you’ve done it, he’s seen it. Behind closed doors and in the shadows, in darkened alleyways and in plain sight, Gobi has seen everything. :slight_smile:

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Yes Gobi sees all

Will its a blitzleopard face on his head

Instead of Robin it’s Crow who’s the bird boy wonder! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Excuse me, dying right now.

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Stop dying! You need to play Tier 4 first!