Gobi Reveal Range and Shape


Hi guys I am unsure how Gobi’s range works exactly and the shape of the range, is there like a diagram, cuz I like diagrams. I am nice and sneak and I don’t like lucky Gobi throws ruining the experience for me(need to know how to situate myself out of range appropriately)… ;-; dem lucky gobi throws… cries into a pillow


As far as I understand, Gobi flies about 100 meters away from crow, and reveals anything within his line of sight, but will stop early if he encounters a wall. I’ve noticed that using Gobi over ravines and open areas seems to be more effective than using him in tight corridors. I can’t say for certain, but I think his effective spotting range is dependent on the environment around him and how it effects line of sight.


And there is also a basic radius it seems, it’ll see through walls if the monster is on just the other side of it.


Thats the issue, i have effectively sandwiched myself between walls and he still reveals which is why I really really want a diagram to show how his sight works. It really really sucks that I don’t entirely know what all effects his sight, because I spent time sneaking around hunters they have zero idea where I am and then after throwing gobi out 50x they finally reveal me, because I don’t know how his sight works and how to negate that effect. I can turn a corner and still get revealed. The issue is how do you even justify being a clever gal by sneaking and knowing how to back track right under hunter noses if gobi can just highlight you, because the guy using him is just throwing him all over e_e; I mean crow and gobi are pretty balanced and don’t need a nerf, its just difficult knowing how to avoid gobi without knowing exactly how his view works. I will draw a diagram maybe later of how I think it works, but i would love to know if there is one made by the devs or something. ;~;
Id put up a rage game(lucky reveal) but, I am embarrassed about how badly that ended(dmg amp + hyde + enclosed space = toasted wraith).

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^^this, this would be very helpful


I do agree, knowing exactly what the parameters are for when you’ll be found is important.