Gobi reset glitch


I wasn’t sure if this was already addressed, so I’ll add it as its own thread.

When you throw Gobi as Crow, you can switch to another weapon and switch back again to almost instantly reset Gobi’s cool down. I don’t know how fast you can do this, but I was consistently shaving a few seconds off his return time last night, giving me unfair ability to spam Gobi.

Also, Gobi can see through all kinds of walls, just a side note.

Please address this if you haven’t looked into it already.


Gobi appears but the cooldown does not reset at all. You cannot use Gobi earlier than normal, it’s just a display bug.

Gobi has a variable cooldown, if you let him fly into a wall he’ll be off cooldown faster than when you throw him out into the open where he can fly for a longer time.


I have had a few bugs with Gobi too on the Xbox One. 1) I throw Gobi, switch weapons, switch back and Gobi is on my arm but not useable. 2) Gobi flies over the monster but doesn’t ping him out. 3) Now this one i don’t know which part is the bug but sometimes I can just have Gobi out on my arm and he senses around me and I can see creatures and the monster through walls but other times I cannot, I think it’d be a cool mechanic that you can use Gobi as an immediate area detection without throwing him out, but if you don’t have him on your arm you don’t get the detection field.


I’ve had number one happen to me on occasion, which is mildly annoying since, as a friend put it :

“Gobi sees all, except the left third of your screen”

Never had 2) or 3), although I would love to have 3) as a feature too, though it may be OP.