Gobi is kinda ridiculous


He needs some kind of nerf, cool down perhaps.

If you are on the monsters tail there is just no way to escape unless you’re on a big map or are Behemoth and don’t need to give a shit because you can roll miles away anyway.

Joined a match as Kraken against an elite Crow and he was just on my ass constantly. On the small map with an inside section that has several Tyrant spawns in it.

At Stage 1 there was just no feasible way to escape and attacking all the Hunters at Stage 1 is hardly a spectacular idea.
Took Crow out a couple of times and managed to get to Stage 2 but there was no way for me to stop and armour up much less Evolve again because Gobi was out every two damn seconds seeing through walls and shit.

Imagine elite skilled player Crow + Cabot + Torvald + Lazarus? That would be ridiculous to fight against, fuck that team.
Lazarus riddles you with targets, Torvald mortars you, Cabot constantly shoots at you because Gobi has you sighted all the time as does his dust tagging.

Not saying Crow is OP since he’s not great in a fight but god damn Gobi…

TL;DR a good Crow can have you spotted almost constantly with Gobi unless you’re Behemoth. There is no feasible way to escape him and stage up unless you’re in a huge map. In a small map keeping still and hiding means death unless the Hunters you’re against have half a brain.


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