Gobi is a Snow Leopard


There you have it. I’m bent on which one is cuter, his Snow Leopard incarnation, or Batray incarnation.


Gobi the batray is obviously cuter. Snow leopards aren’t cute :stuck_out_tongue:



I believe Santa Clause has an elf named Gobi. He’s better than any other Gobi.


Are we talking about a grammar or Santa?


nope not cute


Do you really think I’d drag my hoe hoe hoe into this debate?



Gobi was the name of Crow’s first pet…the Blitz leopard whose pelt he now wears. Now he has Gobi the batray. He is not one for creating multiple names for his pets so when Gobi passes on he will name his trapjaw Gobi as well.


Wow, that’s really cruel.


He wanted to keep him close forever, what?


Does Crow strike you as someone with a lot of compassion?


Yes, actually.


Crow has the least personality of the bunch if you ask me… Q_Q


I don’t see it. He seems like the kind of survivalist/hunter who would use animals as utilities. Never mistreat them, but not one to get misty eyed when one died. His blitzer died and he used the pelt (and likely ate it) instead of simply burying it.


Wait, this isn’t canon, is it?


But he has respect and compassion for the world he lives in. He cares about the well being of it all. One of the many reasons he was part of Survey. He cares about wildlife more than he does actually life. To quote him when he kills wildlife, “Sorry, got to kill you.”, this shows that he feels a connection to the wildle.


I wouldn’t say connection, no more than Sunny does. Just not the type of person to kill for no reason.

@Rapterror Not 100% on that, so I would hazard on the side of “no.”


I think he honors it by wearing the pelt. He’s really not wearing it to look good because he’s not about himself.


I think the pelt is nice, it keeps his pet with him for the rest of his days in spirit. Its better then him rotting in the ground IMO.


I think Gobi, TRS’s pet lizard, is cuter.