Gobi - "Gobi", "Gobi Gobi Gobi - Go Gobi, Gobi come Gobi"



The new trapper, Crow, looks great. But Gobi has to be called some other way. Please can you add a Whistle or non spoken call to Crow when calling and sending Gobi out. It’s going to get annoying very fast in it’s current form as seen on the IGN previews found here: http://au.ign.com/articles/2015/03/26/evolves-new-hunters-are-total-game-changers.

Please and thank you.
I love your game <3.


Lol agree.


Agree completely. Good Crows are going to be spamming Gobi constantly; I really don’t want to hear that all game. Can we at least only get the VO every 3rd throw or something?


I think a whistle would be very cool rather than the excessive Gobi lol. But every once in a while is a must.

Gobi Sees All


Gobi Sees You


I believe we tuned it down already, but I’ll see. And we can tune it to taste now. Won’t have to wait six weeks, I hope. :smiley:


Personally I don’t mind hearing that, but apparently a lot of people do, so maybe crow doesn’t have to say Gobi everytime,.


Reading that title made me think of this:


Thank you. I was shocked to see the “Sunny’s voice is annoying” threads and no mention of this. Even in the videos that weren’t about Crow, all I could hear was Gobi over and over in that awful voice. On the plus side, Gobi is way cuter and more awesome than I thought originally based on the announcement pic.


I haven’t seen the stream but if he’s literally saying it every time, that’s a bug and I think there’s a newer build where it’s fixed.


That’s good to hear and yeah, it certainly seemed like he was saying it every time he released Gobi.


funny my first ever thread was about to be sunny voice is a little aggravating sometimes


I do hope it’s fixed, because earlier GOBI COME HERE during the IGN gameplay vids it kind of got a bit GOBI COME HERE annoying how he would always say it. I think the problem GOBI COME HERE is that the cooldown for the ability is so GOBI COME HERE that it kind of forces Crow to constantly GOBI COME HERE be using it. I think it wouldn’t be so much of a GOBI COME HERE pain if Gobi would at least stay circling once it found the Monster - or at least GOBI COME HERE once the Monster is domed, he should GOBI COME HERE just keep circling within the Mobile Arena. But if he says it all the time, people are going to go nuts.


yeah there was a lot of Gobi spam VO in the stream. I hope it gets toned down



I love his freaking little goggles!


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