Gobi flew away. :(


Had a weird game earlier on, I threw Gobi, he got to the edge of the map…then kept going. Never came back. Made me sad. I have a video on ps4, not sure how I can upload it here, I did lose connection to the game a few minutes later so it might have been connected.


Gobi: “Aw, fuck this. YOU guys get eaten, I’m going to find something to breed with on this god forsaken rock.”


Ah, you just lost connection that’s all. If you’d walked around the map more you would’ve seen everything frozen and probably weren’t able to fire your guns properly either.

For some reason after you lose connection, you stay in the game an extra 2-3 minutes until it finally times out.


gobi mated with a lesser being and created a demigod.

The subject for next short story "totally" confirmed

I didn’t try my guns actually. I was laughing too hard at the image in my head of Gobi going “fuuuuck that!” and pulling his little hat off before running.




Dear Diary,

I got a new trophy today. The hunter’s don’t suspect a thing.

– Mammoth Bird


Sir is it possible Gobi could have been Abducted


Either way he still came back to you on the next game.

(yay a happy ending :smile:)


Thus the mammoth birds


Given the number on Shear, Gobi must be a playa.


Gobi is much more then that.
then mammoth birds gave birth to all other forms of life.


He had to go back home and save his people.


If Gobi sees you…you’re already pregnant.


Crow: “Gobi! Find the Monster!!!”

Gobi; “Freeedommmm!!!”


Immediately afterward,
Sunny: ugh Crow how long did you train Gobi?
Crow uhh, train? … @_@ oh!


Just as a question are we going to get the back story of Crow and Gobi together. Or Crow and Gobi separately but meeting. Either way X days till the back story.


Well in the dialog on the ship, Crow says Gobi isn’t really anything special and that his helmet controls Gobi. He never had to train him or anything so personally I don’t see a huge connection between them, at least on Crow’s side… Gobi sees him as his mother though XD


“And I…will always love youuuuu.”