Gobi and Jukes


Hey guys, I just wanted to see if anyone else was having some issues with Crow while you’re sneaking as a monster…I really feel like it takes it’s overly easy for Crow to throw Gobi in the general direction the monster went and find him. I’ve had some pretty amazing plays of sneaking right by the hunter team by going outside of where they can see and stuff, and Gobi completely negates that kind of stuff.
Unless I leave tracks and go the complete opposite direction, it feels like Crow’ll see me pretty quickly.

I just don’t know if my playstyle has to change a lot with Crow, playing as the monster, or maybe Gobi’s range is a bit weird (Gobi sees all, amirite?).

So yeah, if anyone has tips for dealing with Gobi, that’d be cool, because as of right now I really don’t know what to do about that dude.


Don’t move in straight paths, don’t do circles around the maps, don’t go to common monster area’s, leave false footprints, juke around cliffs, kill Crow, etc.


I main trapper, and have been experimenting a lot with Crow. You have a couple of tools at your disposal that should help you with dealing with Gobi without needing to majorly change your style of play.

Here’s how Gobi works - he flies in a (mostly) straight path wherever Crow throws him to, and all wildlife (including the monster) in that path is outlined in the same green shade that Val’s tranq gun gives. This sonar is relatively small, but not so narrow as to make it useless. Shin’s suggestion of not moving in straight lines is a really good suggestion, and you can make that work even better if you leave tracks that DO go in straight lines throughout the game. Mind gaming the trapper with track trails is always an important factor.

Getting a little more advanced, though, you should know that Gobi will also detect the area immediately around the hunters when Crow sends him out. So if you’re hiding right next to a group and see Crow raise his arm, you’re going to have whether you want to attack or start leaping away, because you won’t stay hidden. This is actually the only tweak to your playing style you need to make - you should (I believe) get notified when Gobi spots you. As soon as that happens, just start running away from the hunters. The outline doesn’t last too long, and during this chase you can employ Shin’s suggestion, keeping Gobi from seeing you. I’m pretty good with Gobi’s ability, and I’ve been shaken off a few times when the monster doesn’t go in the direction I thought it would. As soon as I miss one Gobi throw I need to take a wild guess as to where the monster is, which gives you the advantage.

There are two other things that might help, depending on what you can see as the monster. I know your smell outlines the hunters, but I’m not sure how detailed it is. If you can see Crow starting to use Gobi by raising his arm with your smell ability, then this hint might help - When Crow sends out Gobi, the bat doesn’t really move forward much for the first 3 or 4 seconds. He just kind of floats around the hunter before deciding to actually move out. I have a hunch that you might be able to use this to your advantage as the monster, depending how far out you are, because once you get a feel for the width of Gobi’s sonar you should be able to see him being sent out and use that delay to try to get out of the way. Again, I’m not sure how possible that is as the monster, but I know for a fact that almost every Crow out there becomes overly reliant on Gobi (I’m guilty of it myself at times) so if he send the bat near you and you don’t get spotted, the hunters will almost always consider that general area empty and move on. This would give you a lot of time to feed in that area, assuming no carrion birds come.

The last thing I have that might help you out is something peculiar I’ve noticed about Gobi’s flight pattern. The distance he flies is not always super far - if Gobi runs into terrain he will hover there for a couple seconds then return to Crow. So if there is a lot of terrain between you and the hunters try to keep that in mind.

I hope this has been helpful. It’s almost always rough trying to figure out the counterplay to new characters.


What i like to do when a Crow is barreling down on me while i flee is 1 traversal forward. (preferably near some type of structure) then turn immediately 90% and do 2 traversals. sneak from where you land. i find that so many monsters just go for distance when Gobi flies in a straight line. by jutting far enough right or left you can not only loose the hunters, but effectively lead them the wrong way.( the 1 traversal forward )