Goat Simulator Thread


Since Goat Simulator was one of the newest games with gold on the Xbox One, I decided to make this thread. You can share some funny things that happened to you in Goat Simulator. Ragdoll FTW!


Yea, my brother just got the game downloaded for free so I’ll be hearing him laughing a lot


This is game is ridiculous, inaccurate, crude, completely idiotic and lacks basic logic



Exactly (hint: read my spoiler)


Goat simulator:

the only game of where bugs are welcome with open arms.






I think @ToiletWraith enjoys this game.


Licks lamppost


I love on how Goat simulator DLC isn’t made for the players, it’s made to make fun of other games.

GoatZ: making fun of DayZ.

WoS: making fun of Star Wars, Destiny, Mass Effect, Donald Trump, Aliens, etc.