Go4Evolve Series in the ESL with prize money!


Hello Evolve Community,

we are happy to announce a Go4 Series for Evolve :smile:

PC: http://play.eslgaming.com/evolve/pc/evolve/major/go4evolve-europe

Xbox: http://play.eslgaming.com/evolve/xbox/evolve-one/major/go4evolve-europe/

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them.


What is the “banning” feature for maps that teams get to decide on, the penalty points thing as well? I’m interested but those descriptions kinda confuse me.


That “banning” feature let the teams narrow down the map choice to just 3 maps. So they can bring down their “home” map where they love to play on.

Penalty points in general are throughout our page active and restrict players who are cheating or abuse rules and players. As an eSports League, we don’t like players who harass other players who love to play games in a competitive way.



Can americans participate, or do I need at least one european? I remember a certain rule said if the monster host isn’t european in a geological sense, then we give up first choice or something like that.


Right now we favor european teams due the Go4Series is an european cup but we love to have teams from all over the world participating in our cup.


Any chance you’ll be hosting PS4 at some point?


The elusive, yet-to-be revealed team of EvolveHype will be attending!


Will each tournament be 10 hours long as they have been previously? Last time our team had to wait 2 and a half hours from the official 3pm starting time before we got to play our first match. I would love to participate but some of my team members don’t want to waste another full day playing Evolve. Do you have any methods to counter delays in the upcoming events?


The EvolveHype team has been made then? :stuck_out_tongue: I wonder who’s in it ^^


Be more likely to get teams from all over the world if you didn’t just favor teams from your part of it.


Is that 8 AM Pacific Daylight Time? As in California time?

Also that’s 6 days away… wish we had had more time to prepare / get our schedules aligned :frowning:

But! The next one! muahaha


We are currently working on this problem and understand your concerns.


We are trying to solve this problem by adjusting the format. Stay tuned for new updates! :slight_smile:


We will have PlayStation Community tournaments in the future but right know we are focusing on Xbox and PC. :slight_smile:


I need a team! any takers add mrp1unk and trial me!


Hi maybe you find somebody here: http://forum.eslgaming.com/categories/evolve-recruitment-xbox


cheers man but i had a look and seen no one has posted will keep looking though.


Do we have to be present there in person or something ?
Also can lone wolfs signup as free agents ?!


Is the monthly winnings 350 Euros or 250 euros?

Either way I’ll participate, just wondering why it says two different amounts.