Go review Evolve!


We’re sitting at 75%, but I think if we all gave an honest review, it’d probably go up some! :smiley:

Help support evolve! (if you played alpha/beta)


Lol those are beta/alpha reviews left over from before they could disable them. The review will change on release.

Since think about it, all those people with “Omg cancelled pre-orders” and who just moaned and didn’t buy it won’t be reviewing it, so only people that actually PLAY It will be.

Which means less reviews with just flat out ignorance in them.


Oh I expect a ton of day one panning from the media and the larger gamer community just because of the DLC issue. You can’t change their minds. We just have keep the good word of mouth going and they will slowly come around.

4 more days…then I can get steam replies like:
‘lol you buy that?’
“Yes, its awesome.”
‘yeah but you get rekt by day one DLC?’
“No. Seriously dude, this game is freaking awesome.”
‘lawl you rekting pubs with OP DLC’
"sigh… You remember when I told you about System Shock 2, and you looked at it and said it had crap graffiks and I bought it for you for your birthday?
‘What are you smokin man I never said System Shock 2 had bad graphics, sure it was old but that game was…’
“Freaking Awesome?”
" Evolve. is. freaking. awesome. "
‘so should I get the digital deluxe then? I can’t wait to play this.’


Yea, I was just making this, because I realized I don’t really buy any games below 80%. (This being the obvious exception.)


I can hear it now…

“Wait, WTF?! Where’s all the Day1 DLC I was promised!?” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Haha, Day ? People are already complaining. I just don’t get it.

"[–]YroPro Wraith 2 points 3 hours ago
Uhh. Right now it’s $45 on Green man gaming.
It’s not P2W, Maggie/Markov, tier one characters are arguably the “best” at their roles if you could call it that. From the start, 4 years ago when this game started being developed, it’s always been 12 hunters/12 maps/3 monsters. Now, with DLC, it’s going to be (eventually/at least) 20 hunters/5 monsters. And there’s an unknown number of maps/modes.

[–]giantofbabil [S] 0 points 3 hours ago
Like I said in another reply this is giving an advantage to players who pay that others don’t have. Think about if in a Call of Duty game players could only use a killstreak or a certain gun if they bought it, this isn’t any different from that. In fact, it’s worse. This is an entire role you can’t use."

The amount of misinformation is astounding! At this rate be ready for everyone complaining about the Day1 OPDLC they didn’t get! :stuck_out_tongue:


I will LOL so hard if that is the response from the uninformed.


Especially delicious coming from the people who were complaining.

You know you guys have made a great game when I’d rather watch streams of the press release than play games I actually have.

The G-ist of GG’s @SlabOMeat to you and the whole team!


Yea, I’m doing the same lol. It also makes focusing at work difficult.


where does one review? i made like 15 gmail accounts to shut the ignorant down! ( i jest, i haven’t, but i will if i must!)


You can write up a review on steam and I’m sure a number of sites. I think the best way to show your support is to just enjoy the game these guys have made. Pay no mind to others and enjoy yourself when Tuesday rolls around.


Steam is the main place.


I think all will be well. It’s going to be just fine. Just keep supporting it. Word of mouth will do a world of good.