Go Play Co Op


481 games accounted for in the first hour is WEAK


Maybe people want to have fun and not fill a quota? I dunno about you but I couldn’t have fun playing against the AI with how dumb it is.


but but… i want paladin parnell for free


Oh my God the point is to be a community and work towards something stop being a buzz kill for the new map


I’ll be a buzzkill whenever I damn well please, thank you very much. Also, I looked at the evolve updates page and it says it wont start for another 45 minutes, despite the counter going up. Perhaps the reason is that people didn’t expect it to start this early and are waiting to jump on it when they think it will start?



EDIT: 596 games and counting, Thats why I put a post in General encase people didn’t know


Yah. The timer says there are 37 minutes remaining until it starts despite the amount of co op game counter going up. That was my point.


Weird it says its started for me



The timer started one hour and 25 min ago for me, but yeah…I actually think that we might not fill the quota. I’m not fond of AI mode unless I need to farm perks or characters. Now with recent event 10x lvl and silver keys, a lot of people got what they needed. AI still sometimes has infinite traversal too even after the hotfix. We had a couple of matches and it moved across the map in a few seconds. I have a founder dlc so I’m not worried that much anyway.


By my calculations:

  • It’s the middle of the night

  • Half the amount of peak players are playing


Another calculation for you, it’s 6.30am in England and 7.30am in most of europe, so people are waking up to go to work and school over here. :stuck_out_tongue:


We can check the number of players playing on Steam stats right? Someone could probably whip up a prediction (not me.)


2,568; playing 25 min ago

5,262; 24-hour peak


People also have jobs, see ? Time doesn’t roll the same for everyone :stuck_out_tongue:


Ya’ll need to settle down with the condescension


But I like doing whatever that word was!


Wraith just keep running. Also she didn’t evolve even once. :stuck_out_tongue:


monster with infinite transversal = less player playing this shit. If this is intentional I rather have a crazy to defeat monster then a super speed running around monster which doesn’t bother to fight unless it gets domed which is very hard to do now in this patch.


WELL… a lot of people expect a challenge and its… a cakewalk.