Go back to find players if monster player quits in character select



We’ve all seen it happen, someone gets put monster who clearly doesn’t want to give it a go so they quit. Or whatever other reason. Trouble is from that point on you’re basically in a sub-par game.

###Could something happen, either a vote or an automatic process to go back and find another player to join the lobby?

I don’t know what the Devs have planned with the various frustrations of the match making system, but this would at least stop people needing to manually do what they’re already doing, which is quitting out of the server to find a full lobby.


Well the way things work now is that you can change out Monsters so if someone from Hunters feels like swapping with him or if they feel like taking the place in favor of a Hunter bot then that’s doable but I don’t know.

I’m not really opinionated on this subject. I get why people back out, it’s character select so it doesn’t bother me in the slightest.