Glowing dots?!


I am sorry if this was already asked, but I’m not sure what to search for.
In the E3 Livestreams, the hunters had those glowing dots on the ground.
What do they mean? They seem to give away the monsters path even when he
is flying, which is not good in my opinion.


They’re “scorch marks” that Kraken leaves when he flies. I think they were added so Kraken would have to rely on stealthing on the ground if he really wants to leave no tracks


Well I guess flying would be OP otherwise. Thanks!


Maybe, although if Kraken didn’t leave any marks when flying that should encourage flying even more. In a lot of interviews I’ve noticed devs have said that he leaves no marks when flying, so perhaps this was just added to the E3 build so it wasn’t too hard for the Hunters to track Kraken


I am not a huge fan of many marks on the ground. I feel like it should be a trapper ability… And then maybe other classes can just see blood drips or splatter or something. Just my 2 cents. shrug


I’ve also seen red splotches glowing on the ground…any idea what those are?

Also, I would be thrilled if Kraken can fly without leaving marks, but it doesn’t bother me if she does (I think Kraken is female). It might be a nice touch if perhaps only the trackers could see the “flying” and/or “glowing” trails.


He leaves scorch marks when he’s close to the ground. If you get enough altitude, you don’t leave any. It takes more effort to stay up there, so it’s a good balance. If he didn’t leave tracks of any kind when just off the ground, there would rarely be anything for the Hunters to track.


I’ve been meaning to ask this, how DO you gain elevation, cause it be awesome to be chased by hunter through the cave go out an opening and then rise right above it so the hunters run by underneath you, think your somewhere further ahead


You just press the “jump” button without also moving a direction and it just goes up.