Gloom/glare too heavy on PC


I can run this game and it can sometimes run fine, but some maps have too much glare/gloom on surfaces that it gets unplayable.

Also, too much of that does not make the game look pretty, it’s just way too shiny. Is there a way to reduce/remove this?


What you’re seeing is the wetness and reflection caused by the rainy weather. AFAIK there is no way to disable the screen space reflection. It does look too strong. I don’t remember it being so reflective pre-Stage2.


It seems like every map has heavy rain. We need the option to turn this off or at least turn it down so it doesn’t look so shiny and so it doesn’t steal that much FPS.

Also, some monsters have way too shiny ability effects as well (Wraith, Kraken). It’s way too much of flashy effects.