Gloom and Doom


I was watching some videos of legacy and one thing I noticed was the darkness of the maps. I think the atmosphere of the game really suffered when all the maps were brightened up! some, like orbital drill and distillery don’t make sense dark, but Weather control should definitely be darker (maybe even in a thunderstorm) and if you add in some of the more jungely maps from legacy like aviary, then those should stay gloomy.

Just my two cents.


Well, fortunately Fusion Plant is coming back soon (I think), and Deep Dark is gonna be darker, from what I’ve gathered, so hopefully we’ll get that gloomy feeling back soon.


I would like Weather Control to be on rotation of weather patters. LIght snow, heavy snow. snow… sunshine, daybreak, evening, rain ect ect ect.

I miss the Lightning flashes myself.


I never got to play fusion plant(one afternoon at a friends house on console is my only experience with legacy :stuck_out_tongue: ) what was it like?


The map IS called weather control :stuck_out_tongue:


Relying on your flashlight to find a sneaking monster in the dark jungle was an awesome experience. Made it feel like you were really hunting a predatory creature on an alien planet.


Right before it sneak-pounced your face off :slight_smile: . I wish for a map just like the legacy opening cut-scene…


Fusion Plant was pretty sick. I could record a match or two later for you if you’d like. I play legacy on XBone, so I’d be more than happy to do that for you. I have access to every map.


Awesome! I’ll be waiting. :lazarus:


I personally liked Refueling Tower better (as far as dark maps go), but Fusion Plant is stil cool. There’s a crashes spaceship in the tree line that is great for ambushing hunters from.


Thats my point exactly, and whos to say a big monster or gunfire accidental throwing the system out of whack?


Maybe Hunters can go to the relay and manually change the weather? That would be awesome…


I miss a lot of the maps, sorry i am not good with names but It had dead colonist (about 4) right at your feet and you could either book down a river, go into the relay (it had 3 exits and a broken door)


Never seen refueling tower either. I played weather control and Aviary and I REALLY like aviary.


That’s Refueling Tower.


I’ll show you it.


Aviary was my favorite BOB level. Those crooked hallways help me develop a lot of Trap spider like BOB tenancies.


BOB was my opponent actually. Got wrecked since I’m terrible on console :stuck_out_tongue:


Doom? Doooooooooooooooom!