Global Map Objectives


I think this game needs Global Map Objectives to keep it interesting and have something that both the hunters and the monsters fight over. There are too many times where the trail runs cold for the hunters and the assault, medic, and support are left twiddling their thumbs.

This game has gotten so bad to the point where I leave it on “take a break” until we dome the monster or get close to it.

If there was something to do while the monster was being hunted, it would make this game more interesting.

Here are some idea’s.

  1. At the start of the match, let both teams know where the elite wildlife are spotted. Knowing where these buffs are and what times to go after them could be critical objective gameplay than randomly coming across them.

  2. Give a permanent very small stat bonus for the team that destroys a hostile 4 meat creature. It could be something as simple as +1 % attack/defense. This could really add up in the long run for the monster who wishes to fight loads of risky 4 meats which could be potential allies later, or the hunters that decide to do that if the trail runs cold.

Ultimately, I think there needs to be some objective gameplay added. Give the hunters something to do if they had a bad engagement and are waiting for an ally to arrive in the dropship for 2:00 minutes or if the trail runs cold.

This was written by a rank 15th in NA wraith player (PS4:JPforce is gamertag) who just gets tired of evading hunters and cannot get caught. I realize that I cannot be caught and only fight when I want to which is normally stage 2 around dangerous wildlife and traps or stage 3 at the relay. I always feel bad for the hunters just running around and in the off chance that they dome me stage 1 or 2 I just hide and spam decoy or evade till the dome timer is over.