Global average for damage amped by Val only around 340


I just finished a game playing as Val, the match dragged on for a bit so I was able to use all my weapons a lot, bunch of fun.

However I felt like I held back a bit with the sniper, only using it in the perfect situation when Goliath was tranqed/in a corner and every other hunter on high health because I never feel like I’m doing much good making a weakspot as it feels like they never get used, and apparently I was right because despite putting on around 14 targets with at least one on most of the time I only got about 350 damage amped. Getting that tier 2 mastery is going to be hell.

This is with a Bucket(he couldn’t do much about it but he did put down a lot of turrets) Parnell (Used his shotgun most of the time) and Abe (he was on his shotgun quite a bit) on my team. Not the best team for it, that would probably be Markov, Griffin and Hank but I assumed I got at least a thousand bonus damage.

I think the reason for my (as far as the game is concerned) poor performance with the Sniper rifle and the general “poor performance” of the entire world is the fault of people simply not targeting them. Now I’m sure everyone who uses the forums all aim for them so don’t think I’m nagging at you guys and I don’t feel much about the base game can be changed (the targets are big and well indicated.)

This average just feels depressingly low as obviously not many people are taking full advantage of a Val on their team and I think something needs to be done to raise it. The most obvious solution is to tell people to aim for them more, Val is reminded about the sniper’s effect in the tips + tutorial video however outside of Val yelling that her team should aim for the spots (evidently not enough) sometimes the team never has any reminder to aim for the glowing white circle, perhaps some really new players don’t even know what it is.

I’m sure more people will start aiming for them as they level up and I will enjoy a team full of sharpshooters down the line but perhaps a little something could be added, just like a tip box (the ones that point to elite buffs and birds for new players) to point out the weak point and say “aim for weak point for double damage” and won’t go away until they fire a couple rounds into it. This perhaps would really drive to point home to aim at the goddamn target.

Any other suggestions to remind/urge players to aim for the weakspots.

P.S I don’t know the figure for Laz but I assume he’s in a similar situation however a bit better as folks are more likely to accidentally hit the targets.


I actually agree with this. When others are doing 10000 damage per round 300 does not seem like anything. Maybe up the fire rate?


It honestly convinced me to rarely use my sniper as Val. If it is going to only add 340 damage (which is nearly nothing) I might as well just continue to make sure that the monster is tranq’d.


When they are properly aimed for, especially if placed on the head, they are devastating. The thing is that Laz has a better weapon for using with Parnell, Hyde, Bucket and Abe;l Val’s needs to be utilised by maggie, griffin, markov cabot and hank. If you see that your team, as val, is Bucket, Parnell and Abe then don’t waste time putting the spots on, it’s too random a chance they’ll be hit.


i always start a fight by getting 2-3 weakpoints in the monster. then i focus on tranq/heals. the 2x dmg is amazing if the team uses the weakpoints.


I know there is plenty of potential for them and they don’t need to be changed, I just think that something should to be done to get more players to aim for them as they obviously aren’t getting much use with that average.


Sniper rifle is one very strong support weapon, and its use is for its awesome weak points, the only reason laz does more damage is that hes 90% of the time on the rifle, and val 70% on med gun, 25% on tranqs.


Considering they are only a little bigger but much more rare than Laz’s weakspots, I wouldn’t be completely against buffing the bonus a little, instead of 2 maybe make it 2.5x.

Still, when there are Val weakspots combined with super soldier Parnell with his shotgun, it can be devastating if the Parnell has good aim.

Val feels spread so thin when I play her. You need to be healing yes, but if you rely on medgun you might as well play Caira who is much better at healing. To make Val as effective and annoying as a Laz or Caira, you need to be constantly tranqing, putting weakspots and healing which gets incredibly hectic. Plus as soon as you are focused, you have no self peel like Laz and Caira do.


I’m not complaining about an imbalance between Val and Laz, I just think that people aren’t shooting at Val’s spots and the average proves this, the devs should consider helping others realise this.


I find it depends on the team but yeah a lot of low skill players don’t target them, if you find this happening just jump on the mic and say “hey guys if you shoot those blue circles you’ll deal double damage” this usually fixes this for me but I tend to hug the tranq gun and heal, since the slows tend to be more useful anyway as not just have you screwed the monsters damage but while its slowed its easy to nail in the head for double damage anyway so the sniper is a bit pointless unless your trying to burst the monster, also remember so characters such as markov have auto aiming weapons so you need to shoot where the auto aim will shoot normally around the middle of the body but not always


Try to hit the center of the monster or the head as people only tend to hit them spots. But then again most people play wraith and 90% of players cant even shoot the thing as it’s just way too fast.


As someone mentioned, I rarely use Sniper as Val, especially at lower levels where the team benefits much more from my Tranq/Heals. As teams get better, Val doesn’t have to tranq/heal as much, so then players can try to get better with Snipe. It’s one of the rare cases where I do think a modicum of “Buff” might be warranted.


I don’t think it’s necessarily a problem with the sniper rifle and more because it’s competing with with 2 other really good abilities. Maybe increase the duration of the weak spot, but I won’t buff it much more than that.


Any ability that doesn’t deal at least 500 damage a game is literally useless. Unless the 340 is being deceptive with hidden damage then the double damage is useless.


You realise people need to shoot the markers right? You can get over 5k each game if people shoot them, although the main weapon on most assaults doesn’t seem to activate the 2x damage which is half the problem.


Ok a lot of people are misunderstanding/not reading my post.

I don’t believe the base game needs any changing and am well aware how good players can make their lives muche asier with it, the problem lies in people not targeting the targets (potentially out of ignorance) and they should be encouraged/reminded to shoot them moreso than they are now.


Have you seen that actually happen on the stats page at the end of the game? The global average is 340 and I have found that even when I use it a lot I don’t get more than 500. Maybe it only doubles the damage for 1 or 2 bullets. Because I was quite underwhelmed with the actual stats.


The global average also includes the many Val players, myself included, that don’t find the opportunity to put any weak spots down


I also find it is kind of annoying to have to zoom in and out after every shot. Our guns already reload themselves when not used, do they not have stright pull bolts in the future so I can continue to shoot while zoomed?


Tranq gun > sniper rifle anytime, save for standing monster, if that ever occurs. Slowed monster equals more hits, which is more damage than fast monster with weak spot on him, which you are most likely gonna miss. If you’re actually fighting monster heal and tranq is priority, since tranq’s slow can deny so much damage and most of the time you simply cannot afford switching to sniper rifle.