Glitches Xbox one

Just one instance but I have frozen multiple times even as the hunter and my teammates confirmed them freezing as well
second one I was supposed to spawn In as the monster, this has happened to me twice.
loaded into game under the map, just happened to me

Well you've officially lost me
ETA on: disconnects, crashes and improvements on gamedesign

another freeze I was hank this time. Behemoth having a seizure.


I have seen all of these bugs as well on XB1.

This one (funny to see) is just a latency issue I think. I say this because Val was also frozen.


another glitch


Well you've officially lost me
The love of the Game

another freeze just happened right now randomly GG evolve


another freeze oh boy i love it


All upload is is 90% recorded game glitches from evovle lol


yeah man pretty much if you check my profile on xbox youll see alot


You can’t really call them glitches when they happen more than half the time. If you make through a hunt round without problems… that was probably a glitch.

I’ve just gotten used to starting matches with 3 hunters because the 4th spawned off the map. I actually played a game today where the monster dropped at character select, but the game started and said Hunters Win before it even loaded the dropship.


Seen them all as well on xb1, I really do hate that monster one where the ai is playing as you


i could sit here all day and link vids


I entered a match that just started once, I was loaded into the game as behemoth while it was feeding, (the scene that every monster is in just before the player is granted control at the beginning of a match). Only i never got control over Behemoth, after i hit “X” to take over bot i still had no control. Only control over a really bad camera. the game never lagged but i never got control, the monster was controlled by a very strangely acting AI. Talked to hunters after wards and they said that i didn’t show up as idling at anytime during the hunt. (I was on Xbox 1 with a good connection and all hunters had a good connection as well.)


Yeah its got nothing to do with our connection its their garbage servers, ever frozen while eating something and it fills up your whole evolve bar?


i once froze 6 times in one day, and 5 the next. I would have had 11 extra wins on my leaderboard, im number 19 right now i believe


Nope most of the freezing that’s happened to me was during was during ability usage, rock wall fissure ect. twice only i froze, and like 3-5 times every one froze. While i played as a hunter it happened to the player controlled Behemoth as he was rolling.