Glitches and how they ruin games


Basicly, today was the first day i played Evolve stage 2.
I loved the game before! no bugs no glitches dark feel scary Etc.
Now it seems like they are trying to make it kid friendly. no more dark maps easier ,gameplay and what next?

But lets stop about that, Bugs/Glitches is the topic

I played it, and in my first match, a invisible behemoth, “Okay” i thought to myself saying its just beta "its gonna get fixed soon"
But then it became impossible to play.
the monster is either invisible, stiff mode or completly gone from the game
when i played as teh monster, i got stuck in the first 5 sec and lost, and again, and again and you get the point.

This does not only apply to behemoth, but to all the monsters.

Im wondering when are the bug/glitch fixes coming?
I loved the game and im sure stage 2 will be even better (wihout the bugs)

Anyways, bye :slight_smile:


Please keep in mind that this is the Beta phase for step 2. There are bound to be bugs but that’s the reason it’s on pc currently, so the devs can patch it often.

If you run into any more bugs, please share them here so the devs and work to squash them!


Of course i know :slight_smile:
im just wondering, when does the beta/alpha of stage 2 end? and it comes out full?

(Only is that info is able to be shared ) :wink:


It ends when we get it in a stable state and prove its mettle. :slight_smile:


Please try Verify Integrity, sounds like corrupt files.


Generally, i like the new maps and hunt mode now :slight_smile:

Glitches - ya, there are lot now…i know TRS will get it fixed asap.

Dark scary map - i do agree with you, i do prefer previous "Darker, scarier " map. Now all the maps look brighter. :cry:


I want to play as an invisible Bob (when I got into a game as Bob where the screen spins around Bob was invisible, except for his eyes and some armor plates, but then it fixed itself)