Glitched Kala


This game just keeps giving!

Deadly squares

Invisible watcher

If nothing else, this constant parade of glitches and bugs ain’t boring. :slight_smile:


What’s the first image supposed to show? Can’t really tell what it is.


Black square around the banshee missile(s)


The first one is easy to explain, the texture simply didn’t load in properly. The second, I’m not entirely sure is a bug. I’ll have to do some testing.


Interesting, a graphical bug or glitch. Sound like a job for…(drums)…

#Verify Game files

(P.S. The title is clickable)


Who called them that?


Sorry bout that, edited my response.


When you keep firing at monster, but missiles keep stacking on non-existent object, then yes, it is a bug.


Did all other abilities of Kala experience the same thing or just her banshees?


Did the missiles start tracking when the Wraith was visible?


Just Sirens.


Looks like a broken transparency map on the geometry holding the effect.


She wasn’t there AFAIK.


If she wasn’t visible before the tracking started, then I’d call it a bug. If she was visible for any length of time, then the missiles would track and this wouldn’t be a bug.