Glitch with Goliath


I have had a glitch with Goliath twice now where he shoots off in the direction he was moving about 50 yards and into the air. I haven’t been able to pinpoint whats causing it but I figured I would put it on the forum. It messes you up when your in the middle of a fight because you have to take a few seconds of damage before you can get control again.


yeah i had that with kraken earlier. he just went zooming really fast like he’d hit himself with vortex


I have only played one match with the Kraken so far so I haven’t had it happen with him yet.


I think this may be related to the wall collision glitch I’ve been hearing about. Some players have been boosting by somehow moving into solid surfaces as the monster; I’ve actually boosted in some weird ways myself, even in the tutorial by accident, lol.


Kraken does it from glideboosting and clipping something. It’s a known bug. Goliath I think if from charge.


Yeah oddly enough every little thing seemed to be causing this for me yesterday. I seemed to be catapulting uncontrollably in all sorts of fights. I actually worried people would think I was hacking. That was until a Cabot shot me with a rail gun while I was camping a body to stop Laz and I got launched all the way from the sloth cave on distillery into the ocean .


I think mine was due to lag, the whole US to Korea connection wasn’t great.


I actually suspected the same. Launch time and all. It did seem to happen less in my last few matches.


I haven’t played US servers yet, but since I didn’t have any issues during alpha/beta, that’s my guess as to the cause.


Yeah I had no issues during the Alpha and Beta Either. Glad to know its known


So far this had only happened to me twice during solo games while attacking wildlife near a wall. Only experienced it with the Goliath so far. Definitely something weird going on with the collision.


Alright, so I just finished up a match in which I was glitching all over the place; map was Fusion Plant, I was stage 3 as Goliath. I wasn’t able to climb surfaces, enter the main building, and oddly enough, it just started to do this when the clock hit around 3 minutes remaining. @MacMan any insight on this?