Glitch with Emet


So, I was playing a round of hunt in quick play. I got in right after character selection and got stuck with Emet.(don’t hate him, just not my fav medic.) We killed an albino… Can’t remember creature, but the buff gives 400% jump height. After that, every time I jumped, I just kept going. Gravity no longer applied. The monster kept killing my teammates, but couldn’t get me. The round eventually dropped because of poor connectivity, but I wanted to report this cause this is a serious glitch that can keep the monster from winning.


Guess I should also add that it was on the xbox one.


And you didn’t do any “Record that!” things that the SeXbox Juan can do?

For shame!

But really this bug has been around for some time now and awhile back I thought some people were hacking or something even on the Xbox One. Sadly this is one of those bugs that TRS still can’t seem to fix.

No telling if it will ever be truely fixed liked the vanishing dead Hunters (Lazarus).


I kinda spaced that, yeah… I just don’t use that feature, so it didn’t occur to me to use it.


I have never seen this happen. Now I really want too.


I’d have to say, since I am only human, that Emet was one of the best medics to abuse it with. Way up above the ground, could easily target monster with homing rockets and drop healing buoys to my allies… When they were alive. If this does happen to you, just dash with the jetpack, and you will fall. While the monster would be finishing my last surviving ally, I’d drop down, drop the respawn relay, then lazily float back up out of harms’s way. I admit, it was complete and utter bs, but it was that or purposely stay stranded on the ground, and stay easy pickings for a behemoth.


So you can say that you got high.


I’m gonna try to replicate this once I’m home. What map were you on?


It’s been around for a long while now, I first got it when the Broken Hill maps were introduced. Was Caira on the foundry and I got stuck while leaving the dropship. Was able to still shoot and everything though, was fun but still a drag. Sometimes you can find a “hole” in the sky that will cause you to fall to the ground.

Wildlife have even floated before, I saw blitz’s flying while on Disterlly.


video is @zee 's but it is better than mine so


Aviary. Not the ideal map I would think because of the trees, but it worked. Make sure you can find an albino blitz leopard.


Who was on your team?


Hyde, Jack and Cabot.


Okay so… Just a shot in a dark which cannot be exactly proven since aperantly you joined the lobby like this but i think this is the no gravity bug, wich is triggered by restarting the game while the hunters are on the dropship. You possibly only noticed this with the jump height buff considering it somehow triggers if you jump at times. Can be wrong but hey its a shot in a dark shrug

Edit: Actualy did the gravity come back wen you used the jetpack? Thats one of the ways to turn it back on if you did have that bug.


If I activated my jetpack or dashed with it, it would make gravity work like normal. But everysingle time I would jump without using the jetpack, I went right back up.


Then it is said bug. So yeah i supose thats the bug debunked.


let the robot fly…!