Glitch Health

Anyone having a problem with health not showing after evolving? Even the armor doesn’t go up when devouring. Yet The health and armor is there.

Yes, you used to be able to fix it by going into bot mode, then it would come back… But there is no bot mode. Hey i think there is already a Thread like this.

didnt know. Thanks for the heads up

Just lost a ranked match cause of not being able to weigh out my health ratio in a fight against markouv and bucket

@MidnightRoses you know what thread this is related to?

What do you mean? This is a bug report.

Shin, come back. D:

Let me rephrase that, I think this bug is already logged.

More accounts and evidence of bugs is always helpful, and I’m not even certain that it is logged. We generally don’t touch bug threads unless they violate our rules.


Yup, I just wanted to know if it was logged :smile:

This has happened more than once. An was more so with the wraith. I’ve encountered it after a fight and being fatigued to low health. Went to evolve. Then this happens. So either a fight, then evolve or evolving in general. Will post better descriptions next time it happens