Glitch Causing Monster to have Observer like State


Connected to a team and this is what I ended up with. The video description has the details, but I’ll paste it below as well. Start to finish video, including the stats at the end which show them as being level 1 even though I had level 2, then they insta-leveled to catch up?

Connected to a team and alt+tabbed to open up the GeForce Experience ShadowPlay Recorder while it was loading. It took only a couple seconds, but I returned to see the monster eating - which means I didn’t get to pick anything. Must have caught the last couple seconds of selection, or it finished right as I connected.

Odd thing though was that it stuck me in a second monster type clone so instead of assuming control of the correct monster, I seen it run away before I realized it didn’t put me in the right monster haha

I dorked around with a ghost monster form without abilities and tiny health, but I could sniff. Then started recorder just before hunter team dropped as you can see. It seems they could see me since mines and orbital was dropped, but they weren’t talkative after the match so I couldn’t get feedback on my appearance or anything.

I’ve seen it reported before so if someone wants to dig up one of those threads and add this to it then cool beans. Just wanted to put it up.


Some of these bugs are annoying. Reminds me of the invis monster bug, with 2 bars of health.


had this happen to me a few times as well, but i have an ATI card.

usually when it happened i managed to die in “ghost form” (once i tripped maggie traps so they could see and kill me, other times i stood in fire or acid), i could take over the monster bot in the usual way (pressing “E”). however, the first time this happened, the HUD didn’t get displayed, so i had no idea how much armor or hp i had and what abilities were available.


When this glitch occurs what happens is you are in an invisible state and you have a “Behemoth Traversal Bar”, one solid traversal bar and a sliver of health. To fix this, just die and when you die just press ‘E’ like normal to assume control of the AI monster.


Pressing ‘E’ didn’t grant control of the AI monster unfortunately. I did test that along with attempting to click ‘resume’ from the game menu as if I had gone on break. Neither of these were functional, but I did enjoy the weird show lol