[Glamoth Suggestions] Make Glacial Behemoth Glamothous

Okay so as far as we know Glamoth is our first dot type monster. His fighting style is simple. Get infront of the enemy and lock him inside your aoe. However doing that is near impossible. He has a lot of flaws that needs to be answered.

His passive needs some serious tweaks. It’s basically a reverse Living Fortress. You get max DR at first and it lessens the more you take damage. This however contradicts to his playstyle. Glamoth is a dot type monster and will take longer than usual to down someone. His passive however encourages you to finish the fight early which is impossible.

  1. Aoe damage per stack consumed: Since he is made of ice why not make him deal damage in a small aoe around him. It will help on the damage and it gives him a staple playstyle. Get in, Lock in, Kill.

Killing Frost: Basically an ice version of LB with some bonus debuffs. However it has it’s flaws.

  • It doesn’t do dot when someone leaves the area. This means you have to keep someone inside it for it to deal good damage
  • It has weak impact damage (200 and lvl 1, 220 at lvl 3)
  • It has the same radius as LB
  • It’s dot is also applied as a barrage of small digits

This is weaker than LB since it’s damage will only happen if the hunter stays inside the radius plus it’s radius is too small. I suggest applying these changes:

  1. Increase it’s radius: It relies on hunters to be with in it for damage but it’s radius is too small. Use it in long range and the hunters can easily dodge out of it. Use it at point blank and you have the same problem. This would make it better as an area denial ability from afar while giving it more use upclose. This ability doesn’t have the burst and the lingering dot that LB has give it a bigger range to compensate.

  2. Change it’s dot: Instead of having a barrage of small digit’s like Acid Spit why not increasing the damage but lower the frequency. Make the dot something akin to Web Snare or Mimic. Have it deal higher damage with slower intervals.

Ice Spear: Tldr: it’s a reverse TG. Instead of pulling something towards you it pushes them back and if it collides with terrain (even an upwards slope) they will be rendered immobile.

  • Has the easiest burst to land of all Glamoth’s abilities
  • Pushes units outside of his aoe
  • CC duration isn’t long enough to contain anyone from a combo
  • Sucks against airborne hunters (tinkerbelles)
  • Still useless when used at point blank range

The problem with this ability is it contradicts his playstyle. If you aren’t near any terrain it pushes your target away from you aoe. If you do manage to stun a hunter it’s duration isn’t long enough to contain them for a follow up Killing Frost or Frozen Monolith. Some changes I would suggest would be:

  1. Damage on stun: This gives Glamoth an extra mmph in terms of burst. It deals the same amount of damage when hit but will deal an extra amount of damage when it pins a hunter. Since the duration isn’t high for balancing purposes give it a little boost of damage.

  2. Knockdown airborne units: Instead of pushing airborne units farther up and away make it so that if it connects to an airborne hunter it knocks them downward instead. Glamoth has little counters to airborne hunters especially tinkerbelles. Doing this will at least give him an answer.

Frozen Monolith: Summons a single pillar that slows and damages all units within it’s aoe.

  • Extremely slow travel time
  • Good source of damage
  • Small aoe
  • Damage applied in small digits
  • Good burst when directly hit with the pillar
  • No lingering dot
  • Can block you from your target

This ability is meant to be cast at point blank range. Use at long ranges and it takes forever to appear. When it does the hunters will be long out of it’s radius. If cast at point blank range you will have better chances of dealing more damage however it’s radius is still small enough for a hunter to easily jp out of it.

  1. Increase the radius: Similar to Killing Frost this has no lingering dot and you have to keep your target inside it. Having such a small radius doesn’t help.

  2. Change it’s dot: Same reasons as KF, increase the damage but lower the frequency.

Deep Freeze: Basically all of Glamoth’s melee attacks launch a mini fissure

  • Good wildlife clear
  • Main source of damage
  • Incredibly fun
  • No knockback

This is where most of his damage comes from. After securing someone within your two aoe you proceed to wail at them with Deep Freeze however this has it’s downsides. A good example is your heavy attack still triggers and it knocks enemies out of your aoe.

  1. Buff his light but nerf his heavy: What I mean of this is turn his melee’s into something like Kraken’s snowballs. Increase it’s overall damage but don’t allow him to use heavy attacks. This allows him to rain a constant barrage without the risk of knocking someone away

  2. Lower the damage but increase the width: If you do buff his light attacks and cause him to deal more damage on his melee’s then lower the damage per wave to compensate. However allow an option to increase it’s width as a lvl up bonus.


  1. His heavy attack knocks up: Instead of a knockback his heavy attack knocks the hunter up instead. This allows him to damage and cc without having to worry about sending your target to safety.

  2. Different waves on normal and heavy: Instead of having a constant wave regardless of melee attack make it have special effects if the attack that procced it is a heavy. Something like more damage, or wider width, or a mini knock up effect.

Glamoth is melee oriented dot type monster unlike Bob his is an immobile nuke launcher. He needs to get up close and personal and relies on his dots to damage the hunter. Furthermore he relies on his cc to keep his dot’s in check. Since he is melee oriented he is weak against ranged targets but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t have answers for them. I believe that these changes would make him a better monster.

#Make Glamoth Glamothous :bobcicle: