Glacipods are so cute!


The noises they make are so adorable, that I just follow a glaciologist around as a monster so I’m kinda like his body guard. But I do warn you… You kill a glacipod in front of me, my goliath will get you…XD

Does anybody agree with me or am I just insane?


The answer is yes.


These are the little things that pop into blue dust? They are invicible. I leap slammed then charged into some and they lost no health.


What, I’m insane or do you agree that glacipod are cute?


Yep… Those guys


Are those the little guys that poo crystals everywhere lol?


I kill them on sight.



I like to eat their poop.

Just what a growing monster needs for big, healthy muscles!

Seriously, you can eat their glowing blue poop.


I’m more a Canyon Strider fan.

One Monster bone broken for every dead strider!


Canyon strider is love, canyon strider is bro.

I also think the tyrant is cute espacially when you get to see him move from the top.


Remind me to eat all of your hunters when I’m goliath. Btw that was not a threat


I got to surf on ones nose for about 4 seconds a few days ago. Was pretty great. We started off as enemies as he tried to eat me. But then one of my bros from the east side got my back and showed him what’s up. The he took me out for a ride on his face and we became pals. I’m pretty sure he lived to the end of the match.


I’m so evil I won’t!



Not my babies!


static… behemoth inbound… static a behemoth roar echoes in the distance
Dear god. What have I done? I’ll tell ya! I called for behemoth support so you don’t kill me babies. If you proceed this slaughter… I’ll send the decoy… XD LOL!!!


wow this forum has the best spoiler effect ever!!!


Still the answer is yes.