Glaciopod Droppings


Just a suggestion, but I really don’t think that eating Glaciapod droppings should have a chance of spawning Carrion birds. Surely the birds would go to eat the droppings as soon as they are laid, rather than waiting for the monster to dig in? Either that or they wouldn’t go for the droppings at all. It would add a new strategy for players too; areas filled with glaciapods would be like goldmines; the monster player would be able to safely (but slowly) eat there, all while hunters could end up prioritising their traps on the same area.


I thought those were eggs? :x interesting I’ve never had that issue


Probably because a lot of glaciopods are in caves which do not spawn the birds.


This makes sense, I’ve always been in a cave upon feasting on their offspring. Or… “Droppings”


Wait all the time I was eating these free snacks I accidentally found were…OH SHIT :tired_face:


…exactly. Oh, shit.

@MaddCow So it is confirmed caves don’t spawn birds? Never noticed.


I’m 99.99% sure. I have yet to see carrion birds spawn and I use caves all the time when sneaking.