Giving monsters a roar ability, either as a cosmetic feature or actual power


Just imagine it, your a stage 3 Goliath and you know all the hunters are ready for the final stand, gaurding the destructible objective. You and the hunters already know a confrontation is about to take place soon,so you decide to let out a blood curdling roar that sets off all nearby bird gatherings and stampedes surrounding wildlife away!

I mean come ON who WOULDN’T feel like a badass leaping onto the hunters while giving out a roar that would make an alien lion blush? :wink:

Any thoughts fellas?

There should be a taunt button. (or even dance emotes!)
Some small ideas for a new update

Taunt has been discussed in the forums, personaly i would want some kind of roar that they hunters could hear.



Yes, taunting and roaring has been discussed in the forum before, but I liked that you came to post this anyway, simply because, the more people talk about it, the more they’ll be convinced it’s a nice feature to have.


The only way i see this to work is that the monster loses a bunch of stamina when doing it. :slight_smile:
and yea it has been discussed few weeks ago?


That pretty much is what I was thinkin inside my head mate!!!

Except of course with Arnold being the monster and the predator being the hunters.


Why should there be a loss of stamina?

If it’s going to be a purely cosmetic feature with no real usefulness other than feelin like an ingame badass, why have it drain stamina?


Yeah, if Roaring required 3 slots of stamina and would use it all, and also significantly slow your stamina regen for a while. That would help to keep people from abusing it and just harassing people. But it could be a cool move (with animation) after you’ve decimated a Hunter squad and the others are fleeing.

Let them know “I’ve killed your friends, and I’m coming for YOU now.”


Yea I want a taunt as well lol… Like really badly lol. Same for the hunters, maybe like shooting their guns in the air or some shit related to that characters. Idk Maybe hank lights a Cigar, Markov itches his arse…idk lol something…

And then I think this all goes hand in hand if we could have like 3-5 more seconds after a round ends to just mess around for a sec. Hunters can maybe pose with the dead monster, shoot the corpse a bit… a bit of monster teabagging? Then if it’s the monster he could roar a bit, maybe eat the hunters. I find evolve so personal that I think a few seconds after a match would really be funny.


Because of spam and stuff like this. It would be a cool feature but not really needed / rage inducing :slight_smile:


I think there are better ways to limit “abuse” (if there would be any advantage in this) other than stamina loss. Cooldown, for instance, seems good enough.


Abuse lmao… That’s not abuse lol. And the disadvantage of a taunt has always been that you’re doing the actual taunt lol… You are standing there doing nothing about to get shot in the face type of taunt…


Go outside, yell as long and loud as you can. You’ll feel ‘weak’ after it for a few seconds.


I personally think taunt features tend to upset players. They are usually used hostilely, which leads to bruised and battered feelings


So the monster is supposed to stand around roaring for 3 or 4 seconds doing nothing except telling the hunters where he is and then you want him to be slow afterwards lol? Like letting off a taunt is in itself inherently risky. I don’t think it needs to be really further punished. Like if a monster is excessively taunting a good hunter team is gonna catch him and punish him.


Besides, we all know the best taunt is to intentionally jump on a pile of birds in front of the hunters, and waste your firebreath by breathing it straight up into the air as they shoot you :stuck_out_tongue:


See I understand that and it’s true but I always saw it as you’re buying a mature game you should be able to handle stuff maturely… if you can’t that’s really just to bad, so sad.


this is not that big issue to fix, damn give monster 3 taunts per map problem solved.


I can handle it :stuck_out_tongue: I would be the one dishing the taunts, I just think that even a mature audience will burn out if they consistently lose to taunting jerks online


I would definitely love the ability to roar and taunt but it shouldn’t use up the monster energy though