Giving MG one second more residual burn damage is going to be OP!


I heard on the livestream TRS are giving Meteor Goliath an extra 1 sec of burn damage on his Flame breath which is already a pain in the backside!

Why not buff his other moves and leave the FB alone…?


Its all of his moves getting an extra 1 second duration and I would hardly call it OP. He lacks burst compared to OG and needs to find a better way of distributing damage.


I believe it is the fire residual burn from all his abilities. Yes 1 second is a bump but its not like the fire burn stacks. It just refreshes the tick. This makes running into water to douse the flames a bit more fun.


That depends, they may be removing the ability for water to douse fire soon
(not saying this is op or not, just pointing out that they’re thinking of removing that effect)


On most maps there’s hardly any water near by anyway but that extra sec could be the difference,we shall see i guess…


then that would be OP as hell right there, the extra second on the other hand i think will be a tad strong but will get people picking him closer to the amount of goliath picks


I honestly think the fire barely does anything. It just helps if the person is cloaked… Like NOTHING!


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I know this game is set in the future, but if water doesn’t put out fire…I may have to switch to a different game.

I am totally cool with them adding an extra second though.


MG sucks compared to OG. He sorely needs a buff and while I welcome this I’m dubious if it will be enough.
The flames not being extinguished by water is again very much needed for MG. That’s the main thing that distinguishes him from OG and having hunters just lol around in water to negate a chunk of his damage is not fair and happens fairly often.


Shut up. Just stop. Hunters are getting a armor ignoring ability and teleporting.



I agree both of the Goliath’s need a lot of TLC, but I don’t think being on fire in water is a good way to give them something back.

How about 10-20% climb speed.


It would only be MG getting that change if they do bring it in. Yes, they both need more climb speed. It sucks how long it takes them to climb but also when they reach the top it takes so long until you can do something. Meanwhile the hunters just drop to the bottom again. Great…


They are buffing all forms of fire, Hyde, Caira, and Mad Mags are also boosted by the fire in water change, they are also getting their dots to stack with each other so they don’t destroy each other when on the same team


This is gone now btw. (not in the TU08 patch sadly)



Plus rogue val’s passive in most cases cancels out his dot damage so yeah


That awkward moment in a fight when you realize that you’re about to jump in a lake of acid to put out the flames…



Is it still something for a future patch?


Hey, it’s TRS logic. We can’t judge it.