Giving Kraken/Monster Tip and Tricks


I’ve played 250 games with Kraken since the Alpha, and 100 with Goliath since alpha. If you guys have any scenarios/general areas you’d like tips in I’ll be up for answering you guys :smiley:.

The unofficial tips/strategy thread

How can i use aftershock effectively, whenever i use it i always miss (except maybe one guy completely out of pack fuel) and i just dont know how to make it work


Aftershock has a few uses, and is currently bugged atm (TRS are working on a solution)

Bug: Aftershock is only destroying bucket turrets when it is designed to destroy all placeables.

I personally like using Aftershock as an either extremely offensive, or slightly defensive tool.

Offensive, Vortex a player into a wall, shoot banshee mines while they’re corner trapper, follow it up with aftershock and they’re dead. Aftershock lvl 2+ is also a good way to burn hunter jetpack fuel to land your other abilities. Try to sky dive on their back line with it, and watch as they burn most of their fuel getting away. It’ll make hitting Vortex/Lightning Strike much easier.

Defensive, Aftershock is a good AoD(Area of Denial) tool. If you’re in bad positioning you can back away behind a corner and activate aftershock if they want to damage you they’ll have to go through the aftershock damage.

Defensive #2 (After patch hits), If the hunters have set up a ton of traps use Aftershock to allow you to land without much penalty. Landing as the Kraken allows you to cause chaos much easier, and land Heavy AA’s, but it also means you’re going to be hit by the traps. Running 3 points in aftershock can help with making landing easier.


Thanks for that. I definitely need to try out that vortex, banshee, aftershock combo, that just sounds plain mean :smiling_imp:


That’s a good point, aftershock is the only one I’d had trouble with but using it once just to burn a support/medic’s fuel isn’t a bad idea. It always costs you damage though.


It’ll cost you damage, but everything will cost you damage. The key to being successful is to mitigate as much damage on yourself, and maximize the damage on the hunters. One of the easiest ways to do this is by making VIP targets burn through their jetpack fuel.


Wow, the mans not said he’s the best, just that he’s had a few games

He’s already given one guy an idea for a strategy so fair play to him.


I was just giving some validity to make people stop by and ask questions. I’m not trying to gloat. If you want to answer questions in this thread you’re more than welcome.


This forum… seriously. Someone tries to be truely helpful and is greeted with this.


Love playing as Kraken too!

What’s your typical stage 1 and 2 builds?

I’m a fan of cool down reduction, then 1 lightning, 2 vortex to start. Stage two, usually max out lightning then add 1 banshee.


My build is typically
Perk: CDR

Stage 1: Lighting Strike x2, Vortex x1
Stage 2: Lighting Strike x3, Vortex x2, Banshee mines x1
Stage 3: Lightning Strike x3, Vortex x3, Banshee mines x3

The reason behind the Lightning strike x2 is because of multiple reasons.

  1. Striders take lvl 1 vortex to be killed, Mammoth birds take lvl 1 Vortex + Heavy/ 2 Ranged AA’s to kill.
  2. I like having extreme combat burst stage one in case I get domed. This build allows me to blow up hunter teams (Outside a Caira/Hank comp) much easier than other Kraken builds.
  3. I feel Lightning Strike is much better at using at long range in comparison to Vortex allowing for easier kiting if the hunters are sticking on top of you.


I myself struggle with the Kraken in early game. His abilities are so loud and I can’t seem to stay hidden for as long as I’d like. His traversal when found isn’t as fast as Goliaths so I can’t seem to shake the hunters. My question is how you play early game and with what do you kill wildlife? Sneak attack or abilities?


Here’s one, how to not lose every single game as the monster because the hunters are always right behind you?


If I’m attempting to sneak it’ll depend on the hunter, but I’ve made a thread on what to do against certain trappers at the monster here

If I’m against anything other than Maggie I play extremely sneaky. Vortex + AA’s are generally quite enough. Never use LS if you don’t want to be found. It is extremely loud.

@Qloshae These same tips from the link should help you survive stage 1.


I dont know if it works with kraken (i dont play him too too much, Goliath is my boyyy) but ive found that the feeding speed perk works wonders because it can make it so while on the run you can nom on some striders, build armor, engage, run, nom nom, engage, run, etc. It tends to work for me (just focus trapper first to ensure a quick escape when you’re done thrashing) and the only trouble ive encountered is evolving. a surprisingly good tactic for this is to use all three traversals and then duck behind cover and evolve. You’ll be out of the cocoon and running just as the hunters are catching up.
Not sure if this will help since this is an extremely high risk strat but its just my personal experience


Fly backwards so you can continue to attack hunters.

Vortex, mines and even normal attack keep them at bay. Or even lightning strike has an infinite range if you prefer.

This helps you escape and damages hunters in the process. Perfect.

Also change height regularly, it forces hunters to use fuel ascending cliffs, breaks line of sight, and your persistent mines will really damage them with time, especially against Laz with his poor healing rate. With good timing give them the slip.

Personally, I don’t find the sprint and eat tactic used by Goliath very effective but others do.


Going off your lightning infinite range, if you can break los with the hunters, you can set off a lightning strike in the opposite direction and itll make a ton of noise so theres always a chance theyll think “noise=monster, lets follow” leaving you to slink off like the sneaky little bugger monsters can really be


That’s exactly what I do but with mines.


Works like a charm, was my main perk for a long time. It’s still a good choice. Some will argue that it’s better to take a perk that gives a combat advantage, I say that levelling up fast and keeping the shields on is a good combat edge on itself.


Still get trapped and killed as kraken before I even hit stage 2, it’s like they know exactly where I am and surround me. By the second dome there’s not really any reason to fight so in the last match I just sat there because it wasn’t like I was gonna survive with no armor and 1/4 health in a fresh dome with a tracking dart in me.