Giving Bucket some Robot Girls


Griffin can be a good friend


Heh. :slight_smile:



A strong main female character.
the perfect couple for Bucket


these 2 would be perfect match

Kowarekake no Orgel if is someone wondering.


Are women just objects to you!? Cis scum!? How dare you!


are robot girls just objects?
is Bucket just an object?
they are robots after all…



Sounds like people just want more stuff to go with the robot from ME franchise in SFM ( Eddi? Edi I forgot how to spell her name.)


Problem solved


do you mean Haydee?


why would he need this if there’s emet


Because Bucket doesn’t like EMET


sooo… He likes him?


Shush up :emetangry:


Bucket already identifies as female, this is well established in the lore

What we need is a muscle bond hyper masculine assault robot (metal muscles of course) that can fill up buckets e-heart


So are you suggesting that Bucket could have push Cabot’s wife off a cliff, and we blame an innoncent monster for it. so Bucket can be the only woman close to him and make him dinner?


If that’s true then…

A. That explains his odd reaction to getting some lady robot friends from Griffin.


B. I’m still confused as all hell at the thought.


It’s been discussed that Bucket might have killed Cabot’s Wife out of possible jealousy. Maybe not for the female aspect but out of the possibility of Cabot spending more time with his Wife than with Bucket.


If Divine Bucket ends up being a trapper or something different than a support (a good excuse to UAV unit comming back)
Cabot and Bucket could have some conversations now.
Another good thing that they decided to make variants with different classes.

But I dont know about that theory, i mean, is viable. but then it become a weird soap opera where you dont have to worry about the monsters outside, but the monsters inside as well.
what a terror.