Giving 2K credit for doing things right in new trailer - Ready or Not


That’s my thread on 2k website. But since majority of people who are interested in Evolve are in here, i would like to spread the love all over here as well.

I would like to give my personal thanks for listening to the community. I also would like to say Good Job at making regular folks interested by not just cramping all sorts of info in 1 trailer, for sake of making sure we know about preordering and DLC bonuses that in my opinion were just “wrong DLC at wrong time”. But since, this is a happy thread, i’ll repeat, thanks for well done trailer, that is on point without actually stating what that point is. You left us with a little room for our imagination and that counts for me more than you think.

Thanks for listening.

oh, link to that trailer LOL


I actually didn’t like it that much Flies away


grate job?


Could use another 10 seconds of pure gameplay, but that was actually quite artful, and did a great job of establishing Why Evolve Is Not Just Another Shooter.

I found it chilling … bravo.


Reminds me of the old Monster Hunter trailers, with the four friends.


That’s actually a very good trailer! I like it, comes a close favourite to the first Happy Hunting trailer, I think. :smile:


I’m not gonna lie, I did not like it. Until that last part, it could have been absolutely anything - If it turned out to be an advertisement for a new set of designer running shoes or a flashlight, I would not have been surprised. I feel like the Happy Hunting trailer did a way better job of showing it off, because you actually see the location, the characters, and them doing stuff, not a live-action interpretation as demonstrated by some kids in the woods.

Of course, that’s just me personally disliking it, and I seem to be in the minority on it. It might very well actually be 2deep4me.


Yeap this.I also stated that i didn’t like it but it could be the reason you’re saying :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s actually kind of clever. I did not catch it too and realized when the guy jumped down ^^


Huh, you guys know Geico commercials right? Ever wondered why they are about anything but the insurance until the last few moments? Because that works. Not the buy insurance part, but the green lizard. This burns to brain for people, to find out more. That’s why i think this is good. I like commercials that don’t do the thinking for me, sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t but it allows/requires me to think. And that’s why it’s effective. I was in a way bashing 2k for their way of advertising, but the closer we are to release day, the better it gets. So, i credit them for that.


It kinda gives away the final ‘target audience’ for the entire publishing campaign, but that shouldn’t be a big deal week from release.


Over here in England, we don’t have geckos advertising car insurance.

We have meerkats!


My favorite part is the 4v1 bug fight. Go! Go! Go!


Hahaha! I noticed that too, was rooting for the bug hunter on the far left! xD


There are Goliath footprints on the ground around :46.


I was also expecting that dude that was the Monster to see him eat bugs.

Got to say i was disappointed


I like the idea of how people perceive things. The trailer is about a bunch of kids playing a monster game. 4 of them are looking for the monster. Once the monster realizes that he is stronger, he turns to take them on. Normally this would be resolved by who threw/hit someone first etc… but here instead of having to pretend they can actually do it. I think it’s really clever and TOTALLY reminds me of Steven Spielberg’s earlier work.


I was sorta hoping he would start eating squirrels and racoons, eventually moving up to bears. By the time he attacked, he would be Dwayne Johnson in tattered kids clothes. Oh well.


I’m still wondering if the monster hidden behind the tree at 18 isn’t a hidden Easter egg of the fifth monster snuck in there by the developers.


we have the same here in Aus haha