Give Wraith's Decoy a Health Bar like Gorgon's Mimic


Give Wraith’s Decoy a Health Bar like Gorgon’s Mimic. So hunter’s get feedback on whether it’s worth to shoot it and that you can shoot it.


Yes, please! Why wasn’t that already implemented?


Can Hunters even see a Mimic health bar? I thought they couldn’t.


You definitely can.


I need to go test this… Also, why is there a monster symbol by my name?


That and the white name indicate that you are a Colonist. (20+ minutes of reading time on the forums)


Oh, sick. Thanks.


Ah, BAR. Not a pool.


I don’t think a HP Bar would made a difference, you should kill it ASAP unless you wanna take 2xDMG and get your team killed.

Just saying, :sunglasses:

If you mean in a sense of wasted ammo and time that would be better used against the monster when the decoy is at low HP, they go down so fast it barely makes a difference.


Would definitely help with the massive confusion that the decoy tends to cause. But I’d say do not show the health bar until the decoy has been damaged, just to keep it a slight bit decoy-ish.


Well, it’s a decoy, it’s supposed to confuse us :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Oh, yeah, right. It’s supposed to look like the Wraith. I forgot that. Then maybe it’s a stupid idea. Because you would instantly know who’s who. On the other hand it would still be chaos… I don’t know… ^^


True, I’m mostly trying to look through the perspective of new players. I’m guessing it’s really confusing for them, hell at times it even confuses me lol


Maybe not after a single hit but after a certain % off the decoy’s health? this way it maintains it’s primary function: decoying, but hunters can realize halfway that it’s a fake.


Ok, another question: Does the slow buff affect the Decoy, too? That would be a insane…



Damn, that’s a good one. I’m not sure honestly but I guess it doesn’t since that would indeed be insane xD


On Wraith the effect is barely noticeable, cause it has a huge maneuverability.


No, I meant when the Wraith has the slow buff. If it would affect the decoy, too, there would be two Wraiths hitting and slowing hunters.


seems reasonable, I vote we do it.