Give us the option to control/become Daisy


It needs to happen. We want to roam around as a trapjaw helping the trapper.


That would require a complete overhaul of the game. Sorry, you’ll just have to pretend. :daisy:


No. This is not like Buckets UAV where you roam and find the monster. Daisy is not connected to Mags like bucket and how his UAV is his head. Daisy has a lot more to do, like knowing which direction the monster is in, and sniffing a general area.


I brought this idea up to many people online and everyone so far has agreed its awesome.

Right now you kill Maggie and Daisy becomes a useless player/ free monster meal.

I think it would be a good idea if when Maggie dies the trapper player gets control of daisy until they respawn.

This could at least let daisy stay with the other hunters and revive or run the flame thrower.

On the sniff ability I am open as to whether that is only AI behavior or if the player gets a monster type of sniff to keep tracking in Maggies absence?

Perhaps when you play as Daisy the max distance from which the monster is normally heard is increased so you can at least kinda track by sound. (Especially if you got a nice Surround sound system going)

I have also considered this as a viewer option when game streaming. So viewers don’t have actual control of Daisy they could say select who she revives or place a marker on the map for her to go to, etc. Could make spectating a bit of fun.

Either this or just let Daisy go to where Maggy died and fall dead of a broken heart, then Maggie and Daisy would seem more co-dependant.

Its supposed to be 4 v 1, not 5 v 1. So make Maggie worse and Daisy better.


yea I wish, @ArPharazon already said there is no possible way and if they could do it, it would already been on the game :frowning:


I cry every time.


Ugh, it would help alot when a revive is needed but Daisy just stands next to your incapped body, tagging the monster and then runs away. :triumph:


Players would just troll me with it. ._.