Give us the ability to ban hunters/monsters in Hunt mode


Look i m sorry but i am done playing against some hunters especially Slim i hate him i hate him so much, there s no counter play to his spores, if you move out of them he can just spam them down everywhere and then it becomes way too easy to lose track of the hunters and if you don t see them you don t damage them so they just heal back up

And don t go at me saying “oh but learn to play against him” BLABLABLA learning to play against him and all doesn t make me hate him less so i d rather just not play against him AT ALL

If this feature of banning is to be, then the monster should like either ban 2 or 4 hunters and the hunters can just ban 1 or 2, maybe 3 i dunno i just don t want to play against some hunters because their goddamn mechanics piss me the hell off, so much that i d rather just play some other game than this one

And like i said, it s not because i can lean and know how to play against them that it then makes me hate them less


No. Bad bad idea.


explain why rather than saying it s a bad idea, you know, give arguments


It’s been suggested before but no. It will be abused.


excuse me abused ??? how is a ban system able to be abused ???


Also, it’ll make waiting times even longer, right? We don’t want that.


Ugh ok let me explain how this ban systems work, when 5 players have been found, you get your usual screean than you load up to your character select screen, well before you get the character select you have a special screen where all the hunters and monsters are shown and each team ban the characters they want to ban, simple sheesh, and no longer waiting times


What if the character they main is banned? Tough potato? I don’t think that’s fair. You should be able to play what you want.


Is that your argument ? just because someone manages to main only 1 character out of 20 potential picks to choose from, a ban system shouldn t a feature ?


Some people are only good with one class? I see no problem with that.


1 class with 5 potential picks, one of them gets banned its the end of your world ? pls be real


Why should I suffer because you don’t like it?


Are you serious ? You suffer ?? Because i banned one guy of your class ? And it s not like the hunters don t get to ban some monsters either


Real? One Slim pops up and it’s the end of the world for you. You want a ban system because you don’t like one character? You need to get real.


Hum excuse me but yes Slim s spore are obnoxious to deal with in game as Monster, do you even play this game ?


What’s th point in debating with someone who views the opinions of the people he is debating as invalid… Pls be real

Honestly though I thought a ban system would be nice. Though implementing one would sorta be like th devs saying “we cannot balance the characters individually”

So we gave you a ban system to get rid o the elements u don’t like. Sadly it would be abused cause smart players won’t ban their preference. They will ban what is most effective in the current meta. That’s not fair to either side

Shit should just be balanced so I can play what I want


You don’t speak for everyone. Not everyone has the same problems you do.


debatable. fought enough monsters that had no trouble with them at all and basically made them useless. the truth is, there’s always going to be that one character you won’t enjoy fighting. be it slim, sunny, val or kraken. i’m fine with a ban system as long as it’s in a seperate game mode which i won’t play


As do you, you only speak for yourself in debating your opinions


There’s already a forum about this. Go read the arguments there.