Give us more Behemoth skin for god sake!

Well, its kinda annoying that 3 monsters get some badass skin while behemoth is stuck with Jade skin looks cool btw . I mean,c’mon TRS. Give behemoth some skin treatment

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They revealed a couple of his skins in a livestream… No idea why they haven’t hit the market yet.

I guess 2K is waiting with that thanks to the DLC pricing etc. rant everybody is on about

Wait which skins? Or could you send a link with stream, please?

Iam not watching streams cuz Iam living on the other side of this planet.

Skin treatment? What skin condition does he have? :sob::sob::sob:

I just checked. They only revealed one that isn’t currently obtainable, and that’s the Sandstone Skin. The other two were the Jade and the Elite.

Sandstone, wow… thats fine. Do you know which stream? The last?

Idk man. It was the one before T4 was revealed.

Ah okay ty.

give me gold behemoth . . . i will be the most blingy of the behemoths

It’s a pretty serious condition that causes all his skin to be rock, what makes things worse it isn’t quite large enough for his size and so all his innards fall out :frowning:

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Here you go. Sandstone skin!

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Ye I just found that. :slight_smile:

That sh!t was long time ago. Dont know why the hell they didnt they put it on the market yet

N…Name of…