Give us a Monster roar

C’mon, I can’t be the only one thinking this?

It’d be the sickest thing to have Goliath, Behe, Kraken, and the rest to have some godzilla-esque roar to signal the call of battle or something.

Edit: Seems other people posted that same, and this is probably the most accurate link I can put


There are too many threads for this, its getting annoying.


+1 if only when you Charge/use combat ability on a hunter

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Gee, what a constructive comment, I wonder how much help it’s doing…

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I don’t want to be given away by sound cues, the roar when evolving is enough to have good players know how far I am from them.

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It’s optional, like a taunt you use in fighting games. It’s not like it’d spontaneously happen.

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It would probably be a specific button you would press to roar, so it would always be on purpose

Such as Trex in Ark?



I dont know what the t rex does in ark, but sure.

If you tame a T-Rex in ARK: Survival Evolved and ride it, you can make it roar.

Than ya like that.

Sums it up fer me





But why not?

I abduct straight up in the air for a victory dance. I used to evolve after the game ended, but someone had to change that.

Just throw a rock into the air or breath fire.

  • It was a feature in the past but since it was used so infrequently it was removed.

  • It takes up an extra button for consoles that could/is being used by something else.

  • It would have no purpose.

It sounds like a cool idea but it’s one of those things that IF it were to be added I think it’d only be added for PC users that have a keyboard, gamepads and controllers for consoles just don’t have an extra button to roar AFAIK.

So long story short: It used to be a thing, it wasn’t used a lot, it is no longer a thing. So…

I mean, imagine they utilized the end of cocoon animation and one of the many roars available. Then it’s pretty minimal work for something a lot of people have asked for. As for buttons, I’m on PS4 and every configuration has a couple open buttons - the main ones being D-pad.

As for no purpose, it could definitely be used to bait Hunters or mindgaming them into thinking you’re baiting them. There’s been a few instances where I wish the Hunters I was facing were better trackers so I could fight them somewhere specific quickly, and this could serve that purpose.