Give This Game Demo a Try


It’s a game where you are a naturalist watching an ant colony…except you’re also the one giving the orders. Build your colony and expand your tunnels, taking on all that stand in your way. Hopefully you survive and don’t lose your queen! On Kickstarter now but they provide a very rudimentary but beautiful little demo. They are already Greenlit on Steam also. I liked it so I thought I’d share. It’s like Age of Empires, only with ants.

Link to DEMO:

Can also get the demo links from their campaign proper if you scroll down, since they have other locations where you can download it.


Hmm. I’ll definitely give this a try when I get my laptop back. Seems interesting and a really good concept.


Heh, looks promising but it’s way too early in development for me… I liked the video so there is that.


Great game! Reminds me of Dungeon Keeper where you try to get into a new area without loosing all of your minions.


I’ll try it on my laptop when i get home looks interesting.


Loved age of empires. I’ll have to dust off my laptop for this.


I think I saw this on Gamejolt, I know I liked Ant Sim so I’ll probably like this as well.


The demo itself is just a small-scale intro mission but it’s fairly polished for what it is. It’s worth a try. I find it fun. I’ve played a couple times and haven’t beaten the main enemy nest yet. I tried to follow the ideas of the playthrough video but it didn’t work out so well for my colony so I’m trying new strategies.



Without watching the video, I did like 5 tries. The final try was, getting all the food thats around the start without enemies, after that I created 50 black ants and had enough food to pop new one as soon as they die


Never heard of this…and I love Sims. Looks like fun! Love the narrator when the yellow ant dies, lol.