Give The Mods A Break :P


I haven’t seen so many posts in my life! It took an hour for 15 new posts and then 12 hours later 70 new posts when I log back on. Like holy Croatia, a break is needed or at least push threads together


I went to bed yesterday, woke up today with nearly 100 new topics. Like damn, Imma lose my regular this way :joy:


I be like

One topic down

And the forum be like




Pfff, we got dis.


I decided to rest and when I wake up
129 new topics


Just came back from work and have 187 new topics and 68 unread topics to catch up on. :worried:


See what I’m saying?!


I have to remember how to forum, there are so many new topics!!


Run, bucket, RUUUUN!


These are more threads than what I can make xD.


Hmm… I guess when things are slow and Mods get to be kinda lazy on the forums I can understand what it feels like when one day it’s like a Nuclear Bomb went off in the forums and nobody told you about it.

I saw the forums being damn near dead(ish) for awhile now. Now that Stage 2 has kicked in its restarted the whole process for Evolve as if it were a new game (which it kinda is). Looks like the Mods are gonna have to get back in shape and remove those Moderator Tires.



Not buff enough, needs moar shape and less phat.



You’re going to get flagged by someone


I don’t like a cow that could still kick my ass as I’m trying to eat it in Steak form…


I do like some steak.




Glad I’m not the only one to have this cross their mind haha