Give New Players more Hunters to start with


Now I’m not a new player, I’m a Founder, but two of my mates that I play with are new players, and they really dislike that apart from Markov that they get for free, when they play Support, Medic or Trapper they have to play the ones on rotation, which means the moment they kinda know how to play them they have to play someone else. Coupled with the fact that key-grinding takes a while, it can just be really frustrating for them that unless they get a specific role, they’re stuck with a Hunter they don’t know how to play.

Maybe just make the basic Hunters free? Y’know, make Val, Hank and Maggie free?


Your first games as hunter can net you enough keys to buy 1 or 2 hunters after just a day or two’s playing. I’d say that people who like what’s on rotation should take those keys and buy the hunter they like, rather than just getting a bunch of hunters for free anyway.


the rotation is every week so its enough to gain keys to buy or just grind what is left on the event x10 for keys


I’m not talking about them specifically, I meant that it could be a good solution to make the game much more newcomer-friendly. I just thought that such an addition could make the game more newbie-friendly, so they always have a fall-back character if the rotation gives them a character they hate.


In my experience, key grinding takes a while, and it’ll just get even less fun if you’re stuck with a Hunter you don’t like. That’s why I suggested this in the first place.


they can learn how to play the hunters of the rotation and ask for tips on how to play em,get em to play hunt tutorial, it awards 250 keys for each hunter. also leveling up profile and hunters at low levels is so freaking fast and it gives you a ton of keys + challenges AND the hidden challenges like “play 1 game as jack gets 50 keys” “dome monster once 25 keys” ud be suprised how quickly this add up to a huge amount. also everyone starts with 1.5k keys right? so they can work towards the hunter/monster they want.

theres also the super cheap hunters like bucket and hyde for 2.7k they are great in almost every single situation and with a considerable low skill floor.

edit: oh you mean that, well if u see my points, the grinding really dosent take that much time.


It’s fast now? I guess I haven’t noticed that. Coupled with the new character Accolades, yeah, I see your point.


In my first couple of days just through levelling my profile, getting bonuses and accolades, levelling up a couple of characters a few times, and daily rewards, I had enough to buy a hunter. After a week, for a new player, I can see that you’d have keys for a couple of hunters. I think for example there’s a daily win bonus of 1000 keys? Unless I just imagined that accolade!


A thousand? Wasn’t it only 200?


I could have swore I saw 1000, but maybe I misread, maybe it’s 100?


Unlocking chars is pretty fast. Unlocking perks and chars is tedious.
In addition, you are on a big disadvantage without perks. So basically new players should stick to coop and unlock stuff. That’s the fastest and most secure way of doing it.


It is currently 1000 keys for the daily win bonus, I assume they increased it in the last patch, unless it is tied to the 10X event?


[quote=“Ryaneko, post:11, topic:99884, full:true”]
In addition, you are on a big disadvantage without perks.[/quote]

yeah but so will be the his teammates and the monster cause they will be matched with other newbies, so even plainfield?


No they will sadly not be matched with similar ranked people.