Give me your ideas for a full bucket team


Let’s be honest, Bucket rocks. Everyone loves him, but seeing as the bucket we see in game is just a husk and the intelligence of bucket could be added to multiple suits, I call for three more buckets. One of each class. What are your ideas for this? How exactly would a Trapper Bucket Work? I wanna know.


Sup: Bucket
Assault: bucket
medic: bucket
trapper: bucket
full bucket team


Trapper Bucket:

UAV- now a sentry, place 5 heads all over the map, if the monster enters the range of one it is automatically tagged for 20 seconds.

Turrets- Fire Stasis, more turrets that are hitting the monster=Greater the slow

GRL- Missiles are now faster moving and home in on a tracked target, no aiming necessary.

Assault Bucket-

UAV- Now acts as a homing missile, will selfdestruct upon anything that enters its radius. Greater radius than Markov Mines, deals 75% of an Arc mine damage. 5 deployables

Turrets- Boosted damage, boosted range, now have a “lock on” feature, will continuously fire upon a target until it breaks LOS.

GRL- Replaced with a grenade launcher, larger clip, larger rate of fire, faster reload speed, each grenade does 200% of the damage the current Missiles do.

Medic Bucket:

UAV- Manually controlled, acts as a player controlled healing drone, same healing rate as a medgun but with unlimited battery.
Find safe spot.
Keep team healed up.

Turrets- Fire healing pulses, prioritizes low health hunters, not sure on healing rate yet :confused:
Set up a sort of “healing zone” for allies to retreat to.

GML- Shrapnel Missiles, AMP 1.5, basically Torvalds shrapnel nades only, well, missiles ;p

BAM, Bucket squad, wheres my contract ^.^


Nice job Quirkly! I love this idea. Let’s just scrap all of Tier 5 to make Tier Bucket :bucket:


Damn righr, i’d buy it ^.^


Perhaps @SlinkyGuy wants to contribute/fantasize/drool over this idea as well? :smile: