Give me Grotesque; Give me Abnormal; Give me Monsters

To start things off, I’m an avid lover of Evolve and I run my own Evolve related website. I’ve pre-ordered and I’m in for Hunting Season. So yes I’m vested in the game and I believe TRS rocks (pun intended). So please take this as an honest critique rather than as some blatant rage attempt.

It’s my opinion (and I’m 99% sure fact) that Turtle Rock has been scrapping certain monster ideas because they feel the creatures will not resonate well with users. Humanoid type beings are something we can relate to after all whereas a giant worm is less so. But I feel this approach really hinders the creative minds at Turtle Rock and closes the door on so much potential.

The direction of where TRS is going with their monsters are, in my honest opinion, a bit on the boring side. There’s nothing new with the Behemoth for example. Just run a Google image search of the word “Golem” and you’ll see the general concept has been overdone.

I know it’s difficult to design a completely unique creature, but in the Sci-Fi genre there is a limitless concept of possibilities. I want to see downright disgusting and nauseating monsters. Okay well maybe not nauseating, but you get the idea. All I ask is that you take the notion of humanoid and discard it. Untame yourself, take the risk, and try something completely unfounded. It just may work.


I’m telling you man, Scorpions.

You can go a long way with Scorpions.


Yeah, I want less “relate-able” monsters types.

Give me a giant spider, give me a serpent, give me a big SLIME monster (that’s one of my favs), give me a monster that’s actually a pack of smaller beasts that move in a swarm!


You should read the development of Evolve thread. It talks and shows about a lot of early monster concepts that got scrapped for various reasons. Some of the early monsters looked cool as well, but they ended up going this way for various reasons. Definitely worth the read.

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I completely agree with this. Spiders, Scorpions, Coconut Crabs, etc… Imagine the possibilities!

I’ve always craved for truly alien-looking creatures but what we usually get in games (and movies) is just another bi- or quadru-pedal animal with ‘scary’ teeth and skin disease.


I still disagree. They had tested this only with a very, very small crowd of people. Not all people want “relatable” monsters.


Truth is, that anything we come up with is going to be relatable in some way since it’s inherently next to impossible to imagine how life that evolved on other planets might look. So sure, scorpions and spiders aren’t humanoid, but they do exist here just like humans and chimps.

The best way of imagining such creatures, I think, is to first imagine the climate and environment it evolved in and what substance it’s based on. A creature evolved on a planet where it rains acid might have an immunity to it that can be presented artistically, or maybe it has acid blood even. Since it’s going to be eating the wildlife of Shear and get damaged by physical objects like bullets, a digestive system and a solid body is probably in order, but it doesn’t have to mean a mouth and arms for eating, like the Wraith.

Luckily it’s sci fi so it doesn’t really have to make sense or be plausible IRL, scientifically speaking or whatever.


I disagree and here is why. These monsters were encountered on Factor. They had to get somewhere. So let’s say for a moment they are bio weapons. These predators serve a very specific function. Instead of creating something new it would be easier to modify something that currently exists.

You also need it intelligent enough to act in a coordinated fashion. And you are also thinking in terms of earth’s biosphere. Why would alien worlds have spiders or snakes?

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Start a new order, a galactic force, soon, The Host shall rise… TOGETHER WE WILL MAKE HIM RETURN!!!


I think that it makes models and gameplay/movement more complicated. Imagine having a monster shaped like a worm or snake. How does it move? how does it handle the length of its body? How long should it be? It brings a lot of complications.

Monsters can be bipedal/anthropomorphic and it’s ok. I think it’s cool to get away from this, but it’s hard to implement.
Closest I think we could get is to have a monster with more than two legs. More animal/like than humanoid.

Actually my understanding was that Goliath had to be “relatable” because it was the, call it Poster Monster for the game. The one that would put a face on the game, as it were. They wanted that creature to be the most humanoid. With the other monsters, they have felt they could push outwards a bit. Kraken is humanoid, but look at it. Lots of tentacles and tendrils. Wraith is more sinuous and has a triple tail instead of legs, plus an extra set of arms. Again, semi-humanoid without being too human.

I agree that I would love to see more non-human creatures, but we only have 4 right now. Monster #5 is still in development and we have no idea what it will look like. Of course, since it is still in development we won’t see anything about it for at least half a year, but eventually it will get released and we can see how humanoid it is or it isn’t.

Personally, I think instead of doing 4 hunters to 1 monster, they should work on more monsters. Maybe 1 monster per 2 new hunters. The team mix on the hunter side offers a lot of variety with 4 selections in each category (I am assuming the addition of the T4 hunters), but since you only face one monster per game, I think there needs to be a massive amount of monster variety. It’s a lot more work, but I think it would benefit the game.


Agree with this on so many levels.

We are also playing hyper-predators. The peak animal of a given world. Look at the body structure of each to determine what may have prompted such a thing.

The wraith is slender and fast. Probably a wooded/jungle world. Such speed would be needed to hunt down prey capable of darting around obstacles. The world also must pack serious dangers as her blades on a predator mean her chose. Prey has thick armor or needed to fight off other deadly predators she constantly needs fight off. She turns her prey into a slurry before psychically spihoning it into her mouth. So she must have to eat quickly.

Kraken probably hails from a mostly water world. Bio electricity of an eel with the appendages of a cephalopod. Hunts on land, lives in the water. Takes flight, so there must be land bore threats that it just avoid before swooping down on its chosen meal.

Goliath is the top of its food chain above the others. A savage beast of fury. With its ability to jump I’d say mountainous or rocky. Fire must be a way it hunts to draw out prey from caves before pouncing on it when it flees.

Yes, yes I thought about this before.


The Host agrees! Even though behemoth is cool, his tongue is hanging out of his stomach and when he moves his tendons and spine are exposed on his back so he isn’t your typical golem.

btw Am I the Only One Who Wants THE HOST Monster? Macman says “Yeah, to be clear to everyone, a gross monster we can do. :wink: AI controlled abilities we don’t want to touch right now.”

Oh hey, look at that guy

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I think they are from another dimension, in defend the minions come out of green electricity portals, they look like tears in reality.

Hollywood and mainstream disagrees. Even within their small pool of players, the vast majority of people don’t find unrelatable monsters to be appealing. There are plenty who do, but it’s also the reason why in the AvP movies we still have retarded humans as the main characters when the Predator WAS the main character -.-

This is no different than the blue energy of human teleports. Maybe it is biological in origin instead of mechanical. The hatchery is just in a different place.

Got the art book and got to say I actually prefer some of the older designs. The old kraken was mostly tentacles, my favorite would have to be tie between two old wraiths the one that was like a mass of needles and the really humanoid one that almost looked like it was wearing a female space suit back when it was more siren and less “assassin”.