Give Markov Bunnie ears for easter


Markov loves soft, tiny things. What better way to show it than a little puffball tail on his SALGE and something on his Mr. Clean dome?

His voice actor would highly approve, he’s fond of the little guys.




Stop suggesting evil ideas.


It would be awesome to have markov wear bunny ears. I think it would suit his style! Developers, please put bunny ears on markov. Oh, and some on goliath as well. I think he will look so adorable!


Don’t make me flag you for your evil ideas!


Yes. Cease and desist. The path you are walking leads only to suffering.



I get the feeling you’re trying to tell us something…

Is it yes?


I apologize, but I personally think bunny ears will get some easter spirit going on. Nevermind, I guess no bunny ears… sorry goliath.


Give wraith a Bunnie outfit. Like the ones you see in Vegas.


Don’t betray me Hydrawolf…

Also, congrats on Leader! We will follow you now. Lead us, great one.


I don’t like the idea…


Too distracting?


She’s naked right now, why’re you putting clothes on her? Does she distract you too much? :wink:


I would never!

Thanks! I have a strong suspicion you won’t be following me for long :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry but we can’t. Some people just don’t like bunnies overall, so even if it was implemented it will be nerfed immediately.

Bunny suit = OP
Bunny ears =OP
Bunnies overall =OP

Sorry bud.


She needs a warp blast that colors the hunters, like eggs.

Make Markov mines be easter baskets Goliath gets food points for eating.

Laz revives people with sugar.


Yuck, that universe sounds disgusting… I don’t like too many colours, and I don’t like sugar, except in fruit. ^.^

I’m with you on this @MidnightRoses, lets get rid of the holiday.


Reskin survivors in Rescue as rabbits. Will you kill the rabbits or save them?

Community challenge for wins in that gives skins to the winning sides, being monster and hunter.


I will kill them all, gladly.