Give it 2 weeks before crying T4 hunters OP


I can already see the T4 hunters OP threads left and right the day T4 hunters are released. Give it some time monsters. For a few reasons.

  1. The skill ceiling for monsters is much higher (maybe limitless) compared to hunters.

  2. It takes much more time to learn how to be a good monster than it does a good hunter

  3. When T4 / behemoth released, there will be a lot of new or returning players to the game, and a lot of people who don’t quite know how to handle behemoth yet.

  4. Original monster tactics will need to be adjusted to deal with the new hunters

We’ve only seen a couple live streams of the new hunters and already there are tons of threads stating T4 hunters are OP, which is ridiculous.

TRS did an amazing job at balancing right out the gate, so trust they will do the same for T4/behemoth.

Basically I want to reassure the monster players and politely ask that we give it at least 2 weeks before we even begin to talk about balancing the T4 hunters / behemoth.

Now, I won’t deny there may be the possibility for pay-2-win marketing with the new hunters, but again, lets give it 2 weeks, then we can start talking OP/UP.


yeah def give it time, I mean they have said they will look at the numbers before and after ^anything* is released and they will know how and what to fix better than we!

Good thread friend!


luckily Slim wont be in that list, so that’s one less hunter to worry about.


Those threads are already here…


Haha read thread title and though: “oh wait isn’t everyone already doing that before they’ve even played it and we’ve only seen a few examples of gameplay”


The developers should have a telemetry on how the hunters are doing by then. If the new hunters have a 60% win rate then you guys know that they will be balanced. It’s not like they’re going to be “OP” forever.


I don’t really see any way these new hunters can be op, they actually seem a lot more balanced than previous hunters


Exactly! When the game was put out, cabot was the 4th assault. These new characters look like a lot of thought was put into them.


More like 2 days


More like already


They said they wanted to keep the win rate difference about 5%


Ah, I was just estimating to the point where change is really needed.


60% is when it starts to get bad, of course, could be like 100 people just suddenly learned how to play that hunter/monster


Remember they have to take into account that they have to wait and see how the ratios go over the weeks, i remember in alpha everyone freaked out when medic was laz, but now it’s just another day to fight him. It will take awhile for monsters to learn counter and react to new hunters. Same with behemoth, it will take a bit for people to adjust how to fight/play new monster


nah the skill ceiling for hunters much higher.


Unless they change things though people playing the press builds have confirmed Torvald for being the strongest assault if you take item switch and slim for being overall pretty bad as a medic.


But torvald is the offensive version of Hyde. I bet Hyde can do just as much damage in a sustained fight compared to torvald. Torvald requires distance and timing, in a point blank fight, torvald is next to useless. So if torvald is assault, go in for attack and keep pressure, if Hyde is assault, keep distance. It’s just a different play style people don’t understand yet.


I thought this thread was going to be about someone calling for a nerf on the t4 hunters. Pleasantly surprised. I agree, OP. Give yourself time to adjust and learn new tactics against the new t4 hunters before calling nerf. I’d recommend first playing on solo as behemoth against hunters you’re familiar with. Then play as a monster you’re familiar with against the new hunters, and figure out how to adjust accordingly. Obviously different combinations mean different strategies, but the whole “go for medic first if you can” strategy is still in play.


Somebody, give this fantastic individual a cookie.


I see your 2 weeks and I raise you 2 hours. Tier 4 is OP threads will commence approx. 2 hours after the update.